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  1. Sub 4 meter vehicles get excise duty benefits from Govt. of India. The excise duty on longer than 4-metre cars is 24% (27% in case they have a bigger engine and 30% in case they come under the SUV nomenclature). Sub 4-metre cars (meeting the engine criteria as well) are slapped with only 12% excise duty, that is exactly half and can translate to more than Rs. 50,000/- worth of savings (depending on the price bracket of course). You can also check out this link: http://www.motorbeam...ngers-in-india/
  2. On top of my list, the brand will be Maruti, as it offers a very good value proposition and service support. Toyota entry level cars are not value for money as it still shows many signs silly of cost cutting. If you want something like Innova or Fortuner, go for Toyota, service is quite good.
  3. Ecosport will give you a much more car like experience and very less body roll in comparison with other conventional SUVs.
  4. Cross Polo.....tempting!

  5. Etios and Liva is now improved.

  6. Sail Uva test driven. Not that good. The ride quality is not up to the mark.

  7. The NVH level is a big concern for me. Nano is a private passenger car after all.
  8. e2o, a distant dream for common man. But a initiative to be praised.

  9. Mahindra last.

  10. Suzuki S Cross seems a bit inspired by the Ecosport!
  11. No doubt, FIAT Crossover is a compelling product for India. But, FIAT seriously needs to rethink its sales and especially the service strategy. Only opening up FIAT Cafes won't change the fortune of FIAT in India.