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  1. I think Chevy Cruze is waiting for. Wait for the launch and thoo good!en compare and analyse. If Chevy feels VFM go for it, else like others i would also say that civic is just too good!
  2. A proper facelift with a good diesel engine (maybe 1.3 DDiS or a more powerful one) might rejuvenate the gypsy!
  3. My vote undoubtedly goes to the Hyundai i40. Reasons: 1. Too-good looks! 2. Better build quality of Hyundai over Suzuki
  4. How can we forget our very own and 'pricey' Jazz??
  5. Well it isn't that heinious a crime to be comparing Beat to i10. In fact if they get the pricing right, who knows the Beat might topple the i10 off the charts. Of course there are a lot of difficulties, but the car as an overall package offers a lot of promise.
  6. IMO, the side profile does not all that gel with the new front look. They should do something different to the side profile else i fear it will look like the facelifted optra, the magnum.
  7. The new Alto should be on the lines of the recently launched new 'Estilo'. Better as long as its not something like the 'New Santro' with hardly anything new.
  8. Fuel efficiency does get penalised in a n automatic. i10 auto is said to be giving around 9 kmpl. (source: ownership reports @ teambhp.com)
  9. I really do not understand Hyundai's strategy. Why are they continuing with this model (and even planning upgrades, modifications, etc. for it)? Reports state that there is demand for the accent in the maket in Thailand, Malaysia. So Hyundai continues producing it and feels that since they are bearong the costs, why not continue with it in the domestic market. IMHO such a strategy is not good for the image of a company.
  10. Ya seriously. Civic's sales were getting cannibalised by the ANHC. Now with civic becoming pricier, does it help? And i am just wondering that if V-variant of Anhc comes for a 60k premium over the existing S-variant, then how do both the models stand in terms of gain or loss?
  11. Lucky him to have such driveable roads devoid of potholes and congestion.
  12. Even i am keen to find out whether they will actually be plonking the Ritz' engine (1.2 L) in the dzire as well? Else do they have a 1.3 or 1.4 K-series engine or not? Any info or update on this would be welcome. And interesting thing to be noticed is that with the Ritz' petrol engine, the Dzire will become even more VFM and the price difference between its diesel and petrol models will increase further!
  13. Team-bhp! It offers unparalled information. For pics, its best to visit the particular car's or manufacturer's website.
  14. i30 will probably be coming to India in sedan form. But i wonder where is Hyundai going to slot it? Between i20 and verna? Is there any space there? Or is it an elantra replacement? Or to be slotted above the Elantra and sell elantra alongside (just like accent alongside verna, getz alongside i20, santro alongside i10)? akash_uranus2009-09-07 07:47:14
  15. Reports suggest the pricing of Cruze diesel to be at par with Civic. If it happens so, then there should be many takers for Cruze.Its much bigger, very good looking, loaded with features and as per ACI's review, is faster than all diesels in its segment and a few petrols as well. Now that's sounds very impressive!
  16. Well in that case they will then tune the engine to qualify BS-IV norms.
  17. If Beat is priced right, it will sell very well. The key now for GM, err, New GM is to price it right! I hope they do!
  18. Well Toyota is probably pursuing its Japanese rival's (Honda's) strategy. But at the end, its we the consumers who actually suffer.
  19. That might happen if Hyundai is seriously contemplating a diesel option for the Accent. But then IMO, the price difference between Verna diesel and Accent diesel should be significant.
  20. Yes there is speculation that they might plonk the i20's diesel engine.