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  1. WELL, it is going to be chauffer driven. Guys please help and advice on the engine performance and service part, will I have to run to the service centre very often?
  2. Hi Guys Tata dealer just called me and he has offerred 80K discount on 2007 model :) hahaha. the price would be @ 7.4Lacs. People I think he will come down more on this :) hahaha, What do you say for 7 Lacs is it a steal?????? I am not sure after so much of good and bad feedback.
  3. Hello Everyone Many thanks for your time and providing me honest feedback I have enough food for thought now. I gather that there is more NO GO then GO for Indigo XL DICOR. I would probably wait for some time for TATA new diesel , FIAT Linea etc or else Start considereing the Hyundai VERNA , LOGAN as an Option. ANy information on this in future is very much appreciated. Cheers! folks
  4. I visited the TATA showroom, I looked at the specs and features of INDIGO XL, I was kind of surprised with what they have to offer in the GRAND DICOR. Would you reccommend this car, Its @ 8.2L probably would offer 20k discount. However they have an 2007 model in stock which probably they may offer for cheap may be 40K cheaper i.e. @ 7.6L. Would you reccommend to buy the 2007 model? If yes how much should the cost should be. I am confused, Please feel free to reccommend any other diesel car. Kindly help.