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  1. Thanks ashthedash. @ jbond: availability is second part of concern. Initially I wanted to know what I should be loooking for. Also is it worthwhile to take accessories from local market than MS dealer?
  2. Hi All, I am going to book a-star zxi in Gurgaon next week. Being the first time buyer, I am totally clueless about accessories. Would request users to give categorize accessories/treatments in 3 categories i.e. --MUST-HAVE --If budget allowes --Not worth at all. The tentative list of accessories & prices I have from MSIL is Mud-flap(set of 4), Body side moulding (set of 4), Bumper moulding (set of 4), gear lock(1800), Designer carpet mat(900), Glass film(3yr warranty, 3490), Security system, Security add-on kit, Reverse parking sensor camera, Teflon,antirust,PU(4820), Wheel cover(set of 4), alloy wheels(set of 4), parcel tray, lighter, body cover, body graphics, seat cover fabric, seat covers PU, Body Sport kit, wooden kit. I don't even know what some of them mean :| TIA.
  3. Thanks everyone. I will test drive vista before making any decision. @Jeevs: i10sportz does not have ABS+airbags. so between i10 sportz & a-star if we assume that price difference is attributed to i10's better engine, trade-off is between space vs. safety. am I right or am I missing something ? and if I am right, I will tilt towards safety as we will have two passengers 90% of the time.
  4. with this announcement can we expect maruti to reduce a-star prices also ?
  5. Thanks Speed, Viraj & DTC for your inputs. I test drove i10 & a-star yesterday. (asta & zxi) I liked a-star looks and did not have issues with visibility or high dash board. I also felt reasonably comfy in rear seat (i'm 5'8). boot space is less but even i10 is not that great. Interiors, yes plastic quality of 10 seems better but a-star's dash looks more funky. me & my wife both are newbies when it comes to driving so we drove but could not abuse it. we drove a-star on slightly bad roads than i10 & we felt some structural noises (can it be a demo car issue) while i10 driving was really smooth. Personally, I am inclined towards a-star because - Mostly it will be two passengers so rear leg space being slighly less is not that big an issue and since we are not that tall, we can adjust front seats slightly more to get more space at back if required. - It has similar features to i10 at roughly 60k less However its new car while i10 is well tried n tested. What to do?
  6. sorry. not 120000 but 12000. passengers will be at max 3 for 90% time. as for boot at least a normal size suitcate + 1-2 bags should fit and seats should be foldable to allow more luggage sometimes.
  7. I read that diesel is economically viable only if run is more than 120000 kms p.a. Is that correct ? also perception is that for long ownership petrol is better than diesel ? is that right ?
  8. Hi, I am planning to buy my first car. - Budget capped at 4.5/5 lacs. - Avg. monthly running roughly will be 600 (in-city) + 300 (highways). though it will increase I guess. - Car should be comfortable for 1000 kms. round trip once in a while & rough terrains. - Ownership period roughly 7-8 years. will buy big car after 3 years but will keep this. - VFM, Comfort,FE are top 3 parameters in decreasing priority - My auto industry knowledge is close to zero. Based on my extensive reading I have zeroed in on i10, a-star, Indigo CS (petrol). Swift, getz will be slightly out of budget I believe. between i10 & a-star, I more or less know about pros & cons however any tips on Indigo CS are welcome. Also within these three which variant will score more based on my parameters I would appreciate if gurus from this forum could help me on buying a great new car
  9. I am overwhelmed by response rate. thank you all. So swift, i10 are the potential choices from responses. --swift's negative point is build quality while I am yet to hear anything negative abt i10 --is there any major difference in maintenance cost between them ? also, it seems waiting for a-star & i20 will make sense as atleast my choice set will double.
  10. thank you all. however some more questions - how about zen estilo sports ? -for any car there are various makes, how to decide between them -expected release date of splash & A-star ? -expected price-tag on splash, a-star ?
  11. Hey all, I am looking to buy my first car around diwali and lookin 4 some xpert advice on a lot of things a. my budget is in 4-5 lacs but stretcheble b. Not much of the driving. may be less than 500 kms/mth however it may increase in future. c. safety + peace of mind, can't run to dealer every in few days d. plan to use it for 3 years e. should be sturdy enuf for rough roads of gurgaon & UP (i10 doesn't look like so) f. how much maintenance cost for per 1000 kms & do insurance premium vary based on car make & model. tryin to figure out TCO g. heard maruti starts giving structural probs after a year or so like door not closing or clutch plate burning it true? Finally, I heard that i20 will be launched in Nov (Delivery in dec.) & will be around 5. is it worth waiting for?