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  1. Hello friends I am having water seepage trouble with my 2011 swift in rear boot area. I have first tried maruti authorised workshop but I am not happy with their work. Can anyone please suggest good independent body workshop in navi mumbai or near panvel. Work quality should be very good and professional. Thanks in advance..
  2. We are considering ertiga vxi as a our family car. I just got quotation for ertiga vxi in Nerul at AMPL, No discount at all for petrol model only diesel was offered discount of 10000. Sales person says delivery will take 2 weeks is it true or is he taking me for a ride? What is best price for eritiga vxi in navi mumbai/raigad region.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, friends. Can anyone tell me reliable place to Get suspension upgrade, though I wont be doing it anytime soon. It should be near Navi Mumbai region.
  4. Can anyone tell me reliable place to Get suspension upgrade, though I wont be doing it anytime soon. It should me near Navi Mumbai region.
  5. Thank you for your speed breaker negotiation techniques but I would like know more about after market suspension solution.
  6. Hello everyone, I got swift VDI (new model) . It has good ground clearnce without load but when car is loaded it bottoms out on every speed breaker that it would glide over without load. My query is if soft suspension is causing so much problem, will switching to after market suspension setup solve the problem? I can deal with slightly hard ride. But evrytime car touches the speedbreaker it literally scarches my heart. If any other solution please suggest.
  7. Hello Guys, Can anyone suggest most comfortable Bike availabel in India at upto 1.5 l, especially for long distance for rider as well as pillion ??
  8. Most bikes in India come with petrol feeding system that uses a normal rubber tube to link petrol tank to carburettor. This not only makes it is easy to steal the petrol but also creates question about fire hazard as single cut in the rubber tube can cause leakage.Though petrol keylocks are available they may not fit every bike and quality is also questionable. I think it should be compulsary for every bike manufacturer to provide every bike with a proper fuel feeding system with lock and/or metal links. What do u say??????????