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  1. Wow!! That was fast. Congratulations on your new possession.
  2. Well, the JVC doesnt seem to be all that bad. However I do have a concern on its reliability. It is sound a little bright right now and I dont know how to mellow it down. Fenil, where are you?. Please help.
  3. I went for a TD of Skoda fabia with my friend yesterday. I asked their rep and he said by high visibility what they mean is that they provide rear washer/wiper along with the front wiper and ofcourse the headlamps/foglamps etc which lead to a overall better visibility all around. Marketing gimmick. Nothing else.
  4. BTW the kicker DVC sub that was tried is 06CVX124. http://www.audio-warehouse.com/web/mdl/06CVX124/detail. Let me know if this will go well with the JBL 3501 monoblock. Thank you.
  5. Fenil and 5u3zEr0, I know I will be flamed for having done this. I went for the JVC AVX 44 yesterday. After a lot of deliberation on the requirements, budget and the current ICE setup, (and speaking to couple of guys who upgraded from Sony MEX-R1 (my previous HU) to JVC AVX 33 and JVC AVX 800/814), I found that the JVC AVX 44 atleast does not lose out to the Sony on SQ plus it had the direct USB/IPOD integration, DVD playblack, small screen to display file list, can use that screen for later backup camera, bluetooth etc and was within my budget. Though the SQ was my primary requirement I would have had to spend much much more on the other features that the AVX 44 gives. Also since I have a plan of buying a SUV/MUV next year, I can always move this HU to that one and go for a high end HU in my current car if the JVC does not live up to any standards. Anyways to make a long story short, I fixed the AVX 44 in my car yesterday much against the advice of you guys. I tested the USB/IPOD stuff and it works great. The DVD playback is flawless and bluetooth integration is awesome. Now the SQ as expected is not all that great. I expected this as the guys who installed it are not all that great in tuning as I know from my previous experiences. I will have to re-tune it to my liking. I only hope Fenil will help me with this though I did not take his advice. I wanted to change my JBL GT5-12 SVC sub to a DVC sub. The monoblock is JBL GTO 3501. The car accessory guy did not have neither the Alpine SWR 1242D nor the Cerwin Vega vmax 12.4 but he tried a Kicker 4+4 ohm DVC sub (cant remember the model number) and said the monoblock does not have enough juice for it. Though the accessory guy is a good friend of mine, I am not sure about the knowledge he has on the products and at the same time I am not sure if there is some problem with my monoblock also. I am going to ask him to try with some other 4+4 DVC subs today, but any ideas on what could be the problem?. Thank you for your help.
  6. On the michelin tyres that I use, I did not see any drop in FE. Drop in FE if any I think will be extremely marginal as I did not upsize my tyres.
  7. I drive a Getz 1.3 2005 and upgraded to Michelin XM1+ 175/70 R13 tubeless about 4 months back. Gives me great comfort and absolutely no road noise. Highly recommended. I think it costed me around 2,300 per tyre (not so sure though).
  8. Just an update. The Alpine 9887 is available in grey for 20k.
  9. I am having the following prices for the following units, please let me know which is VFM and would give me the best bang for the buck. 1) Pioneer DEH-P80RS (first gen) - Rs 18,000 2) Pioneer DEH-P80RSII (second gen) - Rs 26,500 (Both Pioneers above are without B&W) 3) Alpine 9887 (with B&W) - Rs 22,800 I would also have to buy the IPOD cable, USB adapter to go with the above which will cost in addition to the above HU prices. So please take into account those as well and let me know which is the best bet and I should go for. BTW I will be getting the HU shipped from Delhi. Also let me know if these prices are reasonable or should I continue to hunt around. Thank you, Sivakuru
  10. Thank you. I am in no hurry either. I am planning to wait for a few more days to see if I can source a P800. May be wait till mid of Dec and if I could not get hold of a P800 if not, then I will buy a 9887. After I make my purchase, we can tweak it at a time when it is convenient to both of us. Thank you.
  11. Fenil, Does it mean that you would not recommend the DVH-P6050UB and AVH-P4050DVD?. Well in that case, would you help me if I buy the Alpine 9887?. Like I had mentioned in my previous posts I am that much inclined towards the Memphis because of the reasons mentioned above. I am still trying to get hold of the Pioneer Premier series or the Memphis in grey. If neither works out I might just settle for the Alpine 9887, would you help me in that case?. Thank you.
  12. Also what do you think about Pioneer DVH-P6050UB?. I know it is not a high end unit but I am getting it at around 14.5k. The other Pioneer which I am interested is in AVH-P4050DVD which is around 27.5k in grey.
  13. The reason for the hesitation towards the Memphis is that is 2006 model (2 years old) vs 9887 which is a more newer model (late 2007). Besides the Memphis is 3 volts pre-out vs 4v on the Alpine 9887. So I assume you are saying that the Memphis is as good as the 9887. The Memphis retails around $300 US but in India it is almost double the cost and that is the other reason for my hesitation. Also one of the Hyd guys have bought the Memphis in grey for around 14k, so I am little hesitant to pay almost the double for the Warranty.