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  1. Well colors are personal choice .. if i have given options to buy R15 then i would prefer in Blackie Infact i have love to have blackie things except wife
  2. either i don't have any idea .. may be they never brake ... it seams same as bajaj claims Xcd 125 giving milage 100+ but returns only 55-65kmpl on real world situations.. (traffic lights,Jams,bad road) may be Yamaha have something to do with these ratings ... to market there product ...
  3. Heyy sanzod .. i have clocked my FZ over 450 km .. believe me .. it is NOT giving mileage more than 40 .. i have done enough highways riding .. then also .. 55 -60 kml remain a Dream HI Tapet .. congo for ur bike ! and nice review ..
  4. Well .. In Telagu "lanza" means son of witch ... it really hard to sell this bike in Andhra
  5. Thank you so much .. guys .. though i never write reviews ... so let me try I never go beyond 70kmph simply because i don't want to mess with engine in first month only ...and mileage it gives about 35-40 kmpl(about 38) at city conditions : as far as pic up is concerned it it zooms to 0-40kmph quickly .. even in first gear it goes beyond 20kmph .. pic up is best in class (that's all i wanted ).. but .. when in 5th gear .. i can feel it is only 13.8bhp but all of these compensate when u put this bike on road .. pulsar and hunk is no match for it in looks department. However i am quite satisfied with performance of this bike . but i know .. no bikes comes with problem free .. when i rode it in road back Tyre create sound with road .. i don't know it is problem or a feature .. and i likes its wide handle(like bullets) .. that's make handling very easy to me .. may be not same for all .. i have bought from green automobiles ,faridabad .. i know, i am not gonna buy anything from them again .. nor i do my serviceing there ... rude .... girgit ki tarah rang badalte hain .. ek baar paise de do .. bas they don't care at all .. but personally i suggest if u are going for pulsar 150 vs FZ then go for Fz but if pulsar 200 vs FZ is concered then go for pulsar 200... pros : suspension ,pic up ,looks,handling cons: milage,post delivery service
  6. @yamahaR15 heyy let me try this bike for 1-2 days more ... then i can say something
  7. Honestly .. far from driving a apache i don't get even chance to look at it ... it's all pulsars and pulsars... so forget about it's mirrors... as u guys suggest .. i might look at apache mirrors.. ..For No. plate on usual location ... they said they made wind tunnels.. to air into them and cool the engine (as bike is air cooled )..
  8. Best there are nothing like best .. every bike have pros and cons... by looks it can beat any 150cc bikes in india if u like it .. just go for it .. if u maintain ur bike good then .. Every bike is the BEST
  9. yeah , i own it ... it's better to go for FZ16 smoother gear box and excellent pic up
  10. yesterday , i have bought this black cutie .. in 68300/- in faridabad well , mirrors and front no. plate irritate me .. these mirrors are same as crux and alba .. yuk yuk .. dealer told me it's better to write number on front mudgard when permanent comes up .. and i think he was right.. well there is enough talk about torque .. so don't need to explain ..