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  1. as far as ive heard there will be an increase in price by about 1 lac news on any new pajero variant.
  2. Very right sir..i completely agree. The high ground clearance makes all SUV's prone to toppling over when compared to low saloons. All i was trying to explain to mario was that after reading his post i kept a keen and suspicious eye on our Pajero for a while, but after a few thousand kilometers of driving on smooth surface roads and rough terrain my confidence in the Pajero is unshakable! It feels way more stable and planted than our M-Hawk Scorpio which waddles like a duck on the slightest undulations on the highways..
  3. As i said earlier we have a pajero, and it did not topple on bad roads..we have taken it for many offroad excursions and have had no problems like addition i have driven it at 90-100 kmph on surface roads and it feels way more planted and stable than a safari or scorpio.. I dont think the car is at fault here..more the nature of your accident. im attaching some pics of our offroad action and since i was driving i can assure you the Pajero felt very stable all through.. as you can see i swerved at a reasonable speed here going over some high obstructions..again i wasnt exactly slow at this time either!
  4. @thackervijay..will take some interior pics soon..they are just regular Qualis interiors..but clean!
  5. The Land Rover family has 4 main catgories Landrover Freelander Landrover Defender Landrover Discovery Range Rover The Range Rover comes in three variants Range Rover sport (based on the discovery platform) Range Rover supercharged (petrol, original range rover platform) Range Rover tdv8 (diesel, original range rover platform) The car you see is the Range Rover 3.6 litre TD V8.
  6. I agree nimishmittal.. i never said the Qualis was good to look at, just very good to drive and supremely reliable.. for looks i have this..
  7. The Range Rover was a brand new direct import through Navnit Motors, Thane. We drove it all the way up from would have been easy to just put in a container truck..but who wants to do that!! you are right about the Qualis running out of breath at 120-130 Kmph and noise levels are high inside the cabin but some good music played at the right volume takes care of that !! ..and you are spot on about Qualiis owners not wnting to part with their cars even though most of them i imagine, would have crossed the 1 lac k.m mark. i think that speaks volumes for the quality service and reliability of all toyota products, especially the Qualis. its no wonder that Toyota is No. 1 in the world today!
  8. Excellent pictures of a very well maintained Qualis.Am seeing one such example after a long time. Most Qualis's are used' date=' abused, driver driven and later thrown into the second hand market. But manuuj yours is different. Hope you will keep it that way for a long time to come. [/quote'] thanks anjan..i intend to keep my Qualis looking new for a long time.. and for the kind of reliability, economy and peace of mind it offers it deserves to be well kept..infact all cars do. i feel sorry for the cars whose owners neglect them..they look sad and me mad but i feel all cars have a soul!
  9. come on guys of your workhorses please..with some anecdotes or reviews!
  10. i suppose so but i presume that this is just a recreational vehicle not actually meant for everyday use.. it is quite long but the driver seemed to be quite adept at handling it and it took some effort to keep up with him while simultaneously clicking pictures with my phone!
  11. the car is in noida..only goes up to uttaranchal and other wildlife preserves with the owner and his guests..the rest of the time its in noida only..
  12. hi all, i clicked these pics of this MONSTER Defender with my Nokia E71 on the way to my factory in NOIDA a few days ago.. for a while i was behind the car and could not figure out what it was till i was alongside and than was able to comprehend what i was looking at! the ultimate "jungle rover"!! i am aware of who the car belongs to but am not at liberty to say so. this person has many other really cool offroaders including a chevy suburban ,range rover, another defender, landcruiser, forrester..among others! this car was modified under his supervision as ive heard he is very passionate about his cars and is a very immaculate and impressive job... i look forward to your comments and views on this one of a kind vehicle.
  13. cheers bhalchandra buddy! thanks for your help!
  14. hi guys, im looking for a winch for my pajero sfx with12000 pounds capacity (which is approx.3.5 tons). if you are aware of someone who stocks and installs such equipment kindly let me know..waiting for your replies.. cheers!
  15. by the way the Qualis has a name...dhanno..
  16. cheers archit! all snaps were taken with my cellphone,,Nokia E-71, they turned out better and clearer than i expected!
  17. where can i read this article..ill be really releived if the 4*4 manual is launched!
  18. the D-4D is a common rail engine..but im surprised that the 4*4 manual will or auto will not be launched!! but you can never say until the last moment..i want the 4*4 manual..i hope im not let down...