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  1. any update from anyone on the 'facelifted' civic launch in india?
  2. Any idea when Honda is re-launching the new Civic and is the new Civic going to have a better ground clearance? Its been some time since Honda has done anything with Civic. Accord keeps getting modulated, City & CRV also have seen facelifts but what about Civic?
  3. I hear Tata is planning to launch a new version GX which is between EX & VX... any news on this? When? The console/ interiors are sad for the Safari
  4. when is the new innova getting launched? any ideas, anyone?
  5. I must say the terrible customer experience at a Tata showroom is across the country. Even at Gurgaon I visited Dhingra motors and the rep was completely not bothered about whether he can close a deal or not. He didnt even have brochures - "GM saab ghar chale gayen hain- chabi laga kar' 'Test drive cant happen post 530pm' Main phone karunga aapko test drive ke liye etc. That phone hasnt happened after 4 days. I guess Tatas are the least affected in the Market slowdown. ANd they give two hoots about whether a sale is closed. I was extremely dissapointed with the service - never before. I have driven other brands and no one has ever treated a customer this way
  6. Planning to buy 2.2 EX... is it a good buy for the price?
  7. Is TAta planning to revamp the Safari in the near future. WHat are the negatives of Safari