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  1. well it looks ok... "kaam chalau" as we say it but even then... th problem i have is the engine!! 800cc!! if that is also modified then it wud make sence!! probably put in gypsy king's engine in it!!
  2. this version looks nice but the ones where it has been converted into a pick-up truck n all is horrible!! i mean come on guys!! 80cc??!! even such a joke is an insult to pick-ups and jeeps and SUVs!! any REAL pick-up owner would kill these guys if he see's them on the road!!
  3. hehe... ya, but they must be havin some freaky rules for that as well!!
  4. Well there is no doubt that A/T cars are best for bumper to bumper traffic cities!....A/T is very simple to use and you get rid of changing the gears frequently as its in M/T!...but still M/T cars have their own fun but on plain flat out roads! i agree!! but do we ever get plain flat out roads in our cities?! plus, if we try n enjoy ourselves on the road... our traffic police will find any wierd way to send us behind bars!! im serious!! im sure no one here knows wht crappy rules we have!! i found some... check it out:
  5. this just made me think... hey Vibhor and all u guys!!... how many think that A/T cars are better for the horrible city traffic?
  6. well the A/T versions tend to give little less mileage... but then driving in the city traffic can be a pain in the a**... so ya... maybe they should launch A/T verison...
  7. well guys i wud have gone for changing my indica with another small car because it occupies lesser space on roads but i read a post on car pooling on and double checked stuff bout it on this site and now i have changed my mind... im going with an SUV...