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  1. damn, it got hit today, while coming from office got stuck near a parking lot, one palio came, he started to manage his car to pass through, then a man (grrrrrrrr) in santro came, seeing that we are stuck he still kept giving race, the palio managed to pass but that santro came in speed and brushed my car from left side, luckily the bumper or lights are intact but some portion of bumper and wheel side have lost color. everybody was watching my new car on road first with sight of praise and then sadness.
  2. brought it home 2hrs back, that too in such a heavy rain today in delhi. drove from south & central delhi to east delhi, there was not a single alto k10 still on road :-) my initial thoughts:- Likes- 1. Looks bigger & richer 2. nice pickup 3. handles the potholes with ease dislikes - 1. the gearshift is bad, it almost moves the whole slot along with the cupholders in front 2. not possible for an adult to sit properly behind me, i am 6 feet tall 3. change in airflow direction through the aircon system makes considerable noise 4. sound damping is not good 5. cheap & shaky plastics
  3. booked my silky silver yesterday, will be getting delivery tomorrow
  4. d tail lights look a mix of civic and sonata embera. looks a lot like civic overall
  5. where is thr cr-v???its d best else go 4 captiva if u wana choose frm thoz 3 only
  7. hey d show will take place in pragati maidan from 8th to 10th jan and d name is delhi auto show 2009.
  8. the car looks very cheap, even the limited edition sticker looks bad
  9. guys have a look at this, this is just amazing. the honda accord is customized like a robot.
  10. yeah saw a red maruti 800 pickup in noida also
  11. seeing the lack of space in it, i feel MUL should have released it as a two seater to give competition to the fiat 500, this could have made MUL a brand which can catch up with the trend. a cheap alternative to fiat 500 would have a brave move, till what time will MUL keep on producing similar cars??
  12. will i saw a golden jazz during my visit to Honda, greater noida plant in september 2007, it was parked separately but almost in like no man's land and was covered in dust. took some pics but accidentally deleted them after some days, the interior was like the city zx but overall car was nothing special, may be because of the dust!!
  13. forum by durango dude on cruze
  14. one forum by durango dude says that cruze is delayed till 2011. confusion??
  15. it has very very less rear space, that was my first impression of it when i saw it in person