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  1. A-star can accommodate 4 easily. I own one. Driver experience is unique. The car can be driven like a bike. I dont like swift, dont ask me why. Wait for the creator of big hatchback concept. i.e Grande punto. Ritz, i20, have copied some good qualities of G.punto , so they are good too.
  2. coult be that your car got caught in tornado or twister kind of swirl winds. thank god you escaped
  3. Go for the Getz dude. Its looks better and more comfortable than the Swift. Go for the Getz. The rear end spoiler is awesome in Getz. All the best for you purchase
  4. Ravi Sir commented on this that if Current Reva is 2 Seater' date=' then Mini Reva will be single seater. He knows that Reva is from Maini Stable since he lives in South India and Reva too is from South India. [/quote'] Dude, I dont understand a thing. Its Maini Reva, not mini
  5. I definitely think A-star can take a more powerful engine. A 1.2 litre K10B engine would be a good fit.
  6. I doubt if Nano is built better than 800, and it also drives better. Else, why should maruti give ads for the Alto in newspapers, just after nano launch.
  7. Palio, Accent, Getz, U-VA. All these cars are great for beginners. They will give you both the big car and small car feel. You wont have surprises, because none of them have very short turning radius
  8. lovemycar..... what is this????? Bravo for 6-7 lakhs? Nano effect?
  9. Swift diesel, if you travel a lot in smooth highways at very high speeds Vista quad, if you travel a lot in city and suburban conditions.
  10. Looks like you got the exact answer yu needed from shwetarose. I have seen a video in youtube, the car uses ramps to load wheelchairs. The think, using a ramp will be the most basic way of getting in the wheel chair jbond8302009-03-24 07:56:54
  11. I saw a Porche 911 yesterday in Chennai, adyar signal.
  12. Switch on the parking lights. That will indicate the others that they have to let go, rather than honking.
  13. Shravan, Do you own a A-star? whats your mileage?
  14. Exactly 15 days before 2009 (new year), the dealer gave me an offer of free insurance + discounts (sundaram motors chennai) U-VA base version - 4.20 lakhs U-VA LS - 4.50 lakhs (only two color choices) U-VA LT - 4.80 (not very sure about this) I was pretty much sold out for the U-VA LS. Ivory Gold looked awesome on the U-VA.
  15. Thanks FRG. Got a lot of info from your post.. The front seats of Nano looks similar to i10. Nano looks more i10'ish than A-star'ish I got a question. How does the 12 inch wheels make the nano understeer and not oversteer? Got a wiki link or something?
  16. Dude, I just read in team-bhp that Pajero's are gonna replace Ambassadors used by politicians. Isnt that good news for pajero owners?
  17. Good, you like the A-star. Also, the suspension improves a lot when fully loaded.
  18. U-VA is a good hatch - Overall the car has low seating. Hence the driver and passengers will have less tiring rides. - Seats are supportive and spacious - good interiors compared to others cars in its segment - build quality is best in class - fuel-efficiency increases drastically if driven at specific speeds
  19. Did I read this rite? 1 year free petrol???
  20. Hey, no way. I plan to own the last generation swift 2011. Then cant do this now.