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  1. @jbond

               lovemycar posted in his first post that New Mini Reva is coming. Read it below.

    New Mini Reva will cost arround 3 to 4 lacs... Electric car

    Ravi Sir commented on this that if Current Reva is 2 Seater' date=' then Mini Reva will be single seater.

       He knows that Reva is from Maini Stable since he lives in South India and Reva too is from South India.


    Dude, I dont understand a thing. Its Maini Reva, not mini

  2. Reva already a 2 seater. Mini Reva must be a single seater or one half seater. The new Reva Li-ion is to cost some 6 lakh's: "suicidal" pricing' date=' indeed. I don't know whom they are catering to: I doubt if any guy's from the Maini family will buy and run a Reva.[/quote']

    Hey its not Mini Reva, its Maini Reva. Maini is the company name.

    Lovemycar, you misinterpreted things...

  3. Hi


    I am shweta from bby. I have wheelchiar accessiable car.It is modified in Versa. Your requirement of seat coming out n in is already done by Mr. Ferdi. He is excellent man...angel to me..i became so much independent by my versa car.. i can rown anywhere.You can get all the info on his website http://www.handicappedpeople.com


    I am very sure this will help and end ur search...good luck!

    Looks like you got the exact answer yu needed from shwetarose.

    I have seen a video in youtube, the car uses ramps to load wheelchairs.

    The think, using a ramp will be the most basic way of getting in the wheel chair

    jbond8302009-03-24 07:56:54

  4. Exactly 15 days before 2009 (new year), the dealer gave me an offer of free insurance + discounts (sundaram motors chennai)

    U-VA base version - 4.20 lakhs

    U-VA LS  - 4.50 lakhs (only two color choices)

    U-VA LT - 4.80 (not very sure about this)

    I was pretty much sold out for the U-VA LS. Ivory Gold looked awesome on the U-VA. 

  5. U-VA is a good hatch

    - Overall the car has low seating. Hence the driver and passengers will have less tiring rides.

    - Seats are supportive and spacious

    - good interiors compared to others cars in its segment

    - build quality is best in class

    - fuel-efficiency increases drastically if driven at specific speeds

  6. If one buys a car from Chandigarh with Temporary Registration and drive it to Delhi and then apply for Permanent Registration in name of Delhi ' date=' what all problems can he face and is this method possible? I am asking this question on behalf of my friend as he is getting a big discount from that dealer in Chandigarh.

    Please help.


    For temporary registration, you should show the proof of permanent residence in Delhi.


    I fully concur; if Nano Europa is launched here at say a 3 lakh price point' date=' with the same 2 cyl 624 cc aluminium motor and 35 bhp...won't you be better off with say a Santro than the Nano Europa? The Nano Europa will also require a change of heart<engine, I mean>.

    Dude, I remember reading that the Nana Europa will be fitted with a  more powerful engine. Its also mentioned in the Tata interview.

    DD, you are completely sold out to Hyundai??