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  1. The wheelbase determines interior spacing only in sedans. Its not the same with hatchbacks, because hatchbacks are designed for maximum space with minimal boot space
  2. Sorry, I meant to say both the cars cost around 4 lakhs not 5
  3. Dude you got two option withing 5 lacks considering Space, Economy, and Cost 1) Hyundai Getz prime.1.1 base version 2) Palio Style petrol 1.1
  4. the U-VA is more spacious and lengthier than the Get-z.
  5. Yes I agree. I tried to explain the same in my article. Infact, we should choose an engine not by seeing it as diesel or petrol, but by considering our driving style and usage (i.e more highway or more city). So if we have zeroed down on our needs then we can choose the perfect engine. Be it Diesel or Petrol.
  6. Swift - Swift Diesel has good mileage more than the petrol version. Also you get this mileage with a superb High torque @low RPM engine. Swift Petrol has the best power in its class, it offers good pull at high speeds too so better highway driving. The rear seating space isnt very good for Swift. U-VA, the largest hatcback in market. Its has 200 mm more space than Swift. Power is decent and comparable to Swift. Decent mileage but lesser than the Swift. U-VA offers 3 years warranty. Any Diesel variant will cost your a lakh more than the petrol version. So do your calculations, how much more do you drive every month and subtract it with the 1 Lakh. You will find your savings. so thats about it
  7. Just wondered what A CAR really means. 2009 is the year for new cars. Hope this topic helps you in purchasing your new car. What I recall as the most essential parts of a car are BODY, the outer shell which determines most of the cars build quality. The high quality cars are tightly packed outer shell as to provide safety during high speed crashes by transferring all those force in the exact way. And also to give a better life for the car and its interiors. ENGINE, There are two cases. Driving in highways and driving in the city. Its always better to have an engine which offers high HP @ high RPM (Swift Petrol). It will be good driving at high speeds in the highway. For city driving the high torque @ low RPM(Swift Diesel) is the best. But, Considering smooth ride, decent acceleration and engine life the former will score better. Also, The hyundai Verna Petrol (high torque@ low RPM) will be score higher than the Swift Petrol in all cases, because the Verna has 15 hp more power than Swift. TYRES, the wider they are the more stable your car gets and needless to say extra rubber gives extra life. SUSPENSION, I think this would be the most misunderstood part. The Suspension design has a lot to contribute to driving style and roads. Indian driving style and roads are very different from the western ones. We do not take sharp turns at high speeds, we do not cruise at a constant speed of 100kmph for hours. But now that our roads are getting bigger, we should surely expect those big high speed turns and high speed cruising for long hours in the near future. Seating CAPACITY and COMFORT. How spacious is your CAR?. Is it atleast 3900mm length. Beacause, If its a five seater then it should be capable of seating all 5 very comfortably and should give an airy atmoshere inside. But most indian small hatchbacks dont give enough passenger space. I wonder why they still use the 5 door, rather they can put a 3 door and target for pure driving pleasure and styling. MILEAGE, The more the better, but WAIT..... did you know that if a 100hp car gives you 10kmpl while a 60hp car give your 15kmpl, the former gives you more power for mileage..... Checkout the mercedes vtech, awsome power at decent economy. I will be much happy if there is a new version of Verna/Swift petrol with better mileage than a new 800/Zen/wagon R with >20kmpl mileage FEATURES. The features of the car are only for those who are are happy owning a maruti 800 with all built in features. i.e ABS, fog lamps, custom speakers, electronically adujustable seats and all those gizzmos. But you lose all that comfort in driving and passenger seating, and also in the suspension for those features. Never mind the mileage , you hardly have the power to pull 5 persons at high speeds if you own a car like that. So India, becoming more and more western would definitely need some good cars. Checkout the Fiat Grande Punto, Hyundai i20, Renault twingo, Maruti Suzuki Splash, Honda Jazz, Toyota Yariz and many more hatchbacks which will rule the future soon. Please do give your comments....
  8. All should have heard about Fiats big plans in India. i.e Its tie up with Tata to manufacture and export several lakhs of Fiat FIRE multijet engines. And also many palio owners have felt the sub-optimal service offered by tata. The long waiting time for the parts. Forget the price of the parts which fiat owners dont feel a burden. Now talking about the Fiat's upcoming cars. The Linea- sedan and Grande punto - large hatchbach. The Linea is from the Grande punto platform. So lets talk about the Grande punto which is highly talked about and has an excellent sales record in europe. The Grand Punto is a really large hatchback. Its length is 4000mm, which is as long as the Tata Indigo CS. Fiat claims two tall persons (185 cm) can sit back to back comfortably without making any seating adjustments. The French car maker is renowned for making cars with the best Handling and Road safety features at low prices. What this means is, you will get the feel of a high quality car which offers excellent handling even at high speeds. The suspension offered in Fiat car's are not just a simple Mcpherson strut with coil spring, they have designed it intricately as to provide good ride quality and road gripping properties. The Grande punto has got a 5 star Euro NCAP rating. You can expect the same rating if you purchase the high end version of the car. Also, there are several add ons given. Blue and Me technology- Controlling your MP3 player through wireless, just using button on steering wheel. Also you can hear to incoming voice message if you got your mobile phone connected. Mileage - 18 - 20 kmpl Good Fiat Engine - the Popular engine used in Swift Diesel and Tata india Vista, offering high torque at low rpm. It will prove to be a good city car like the Hyundai Verna. You can accelerate like hell... So, What do you think. Is FIAT so stupid still ..... ???
  9. You mentioned your BUDGET is within 5 lacks If you look for the cheapest car, then go for the estilo, but have to sacrifice on the features, ride quality and little bit on Engine power too If you look for after sales market and good Engine power and handling, then Swift will do. It has now become a common man's car. The U-VA is the Largest Hatchback in the market, i.e 200mm longer than swift. It has good engine power with some good handling which are better than swif. The UVA hasnt been tried by many because of the brand name. Now Chevrolet offers 3 yrs warranty which is really good. If you can spare a little more money then you got the SWIFT DIESEL, with an excellent engine which offers high torque at low RPM, beats all other cars in all segments( fiat award winning engine). Also, the engine gives more economy than the swift petrol. There would be lots of booking for this car, so there would be some waiting time for this car.