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  1. I have a new car, and I got Maruti Insurance. Yesterday, my left passenger door got badly bruised by a lorry's over hangings. I have had two accidents, and both in the left passenger door. I have applied some antirust paint, and yet to do the tinkering and paint job. I tinkering will cost me around 5k. I got few question. Please help me with it - Can you tell me if Insurance can cover these, and can you guess the % - Can I take my car a few months later and still be covered in insurance?
  2. Hey, Indicruz rocks. Loook at the size of those tires. It should be 16 or 17 inch. It looks like an MUV with superb ergonomics like the Toyota. If its priced good, it will beat every MUV in market Edit: Looking at the size of Indicruz(bonnet), I doubt the handling will be dangerous in city. jbond8302009-03-18 15:59:34
  3. en If A-star dash blocks the view, then it will be the same with all the other low seating cars, which can cruise at high speeds. Short people are best left to the Tall boyish cars. You wont ever experience the pleasant and relaxing ride in them. As I said before i10 is a Santro clone(tall boy design).
  4. Everyone. Clarification to all the 1.3 MJD confusion. Just googled and got two results. One from some Internet site and other Team-bhp. A-star has suzuki own 1 litre diesel engine. Its not MJD.
  5. Swift is any day better than i10. Swift is so popular because it has very good power to weight ratio, which makes it perform better than cars costing twice its price. There is nothing unique about i10. Its just the Santro with much better build quality and a powerful engine. Just to confuse you more with more info: A-star/U-va is are cars which are unique. Neither the Swift nor the i10 have the driver comfort as in these cars. Indica Vista quadrajet is fit to be called as a cross over. It has a suspension as good as an SUV.
  6. Is it the Xover or the Indicruz which looks similar to the Innova. Well, I am damn sure it will be a big big hit. Its has more length than the Innova, and will drive like a car.
  7. I have seen an i20 in real. It doesnt look good at all. The shapes are not visible. May be, it works only on some colors
  8. Damn, 40 K on the cheapest car ever made?????? OMG, How could this be possible. Its against all business logic. It means outright fraud!!!
  9. Looking forward for Tata Indicruz, or is it Tata Xover??
  10. I seriously wonder why people underestimate the value of the Indica Vista. Some rank it so terribly. I doubt, If they have even had a look at the real car. When I test drove the Vista, it felt like driving those SUV type cars. Huge stance, clear view of the road, and undettered by those big bumps and pot holes.
  11. Which of the above cars have the best looks and will carry that image for years to come? jbond8302009-03-16 12:00:31
  12. I sincerely wish Honda brings back the competition. Honda makes good MUV similar to Innova. Toyota Innova is the only modern MUV available in Indian market. All others are age old technology with costly makeup jobs.
  13. A-star VXI has ABS as option. No airbags.
  14. Dude, I am talking about small cars. I gave several examples. Swift in UK has 16 inch wheels, but Indian version has 14 inch
  15. Lots of cars are being released, and almost none are having anything new in them. I seriously doubt if car manufactures are just giving changes to the body and keeping the same old chassis. The wheels size is one indicator of a fresh design. Bigger wheels provide more traction, better ride, and versatile driving ability. In India, its been an universal design to plonk 13 inch wheels into small cars. A bigger 16 inch wheel would give new character to the car, but it has never been tried. i.e Indian made A-star concept had 17 inch wheels, but the actual size is 13 inch. While Fiat 500 and SmartforTwo have 15 inch wheels. Even Suzuki Swift in UK carries a R16 wheel size. Are there any such cars which have big wheel w.r.t its size, or anything expected in future? Feel free to provide your comments on this. Why not Bigger wheel size? jbond8302009-03-15 09:26:32
  16. Well, it might be true. Cause there is no other suzuki made diesel engine. A-star gonna beat the swift and verna in 0-100 timing??
  17. Similar to Zen diesel???? It might be the 1.3mjd Fiat engine. Leather seats may mean its a more sportier car. Wider tires would be great. How much would be the price? 5.5 lacks for VDI? (4.5 for zxi)
  18. Please highlight the uniqueness of the cars you are listing. Well, how many of you have seen a self driven Bolero???? It only a hit in taxi market, like the Omni. But there is no other car which is as compact, sturdy and 7 seater as the Bolero. Versa is priced Rs. 5.3 lakhs on-road and is also having discounts. Omni has eaten away Versa sales. But versa is much better car than omni. Gypsy. There is absolutely no competition for this one. Untill Fiat launches its 4x4 Fiat panda, which surely not gonna happen. Or Ford fusion 4x4. Gypsy is not selling because of its old looks. And... I dont feel Baleno, Cedia and Matiz: have anything unique in them. We got similar cars like, Hyundai Accent, Optra, Alto/Santro resp. Please, do highlight the uniqueness of those cars.
  19. Ever wondered about some unique cars which just missed the attention they needed, just because they lacked some features.??? Like, they lacked the outright engine power OR they where not attractively styled. Outdated interiors OR they dint have the large boot space OR they dint have the seating comfort OR .... These were cars which provided a unique solution, at great VFM. But were a failure due to lack of the competitive edge. Lets make a thread which compiles all those unique cars and highlighting their unique abilities. May be, some car designer will make it to good use. Some examples: - Maruti Versa (Suzuki every plus) Pros: Versatile car, Easy to self drive, Seats >5 comfortably. Cons: suspension, lacks the rock solid build quality, lacks the appeal - Mahindra Bolero Pros: Compact dimensions-7 seats, Easy city drive, tolerates abuse,solid build Cons: Lacks power & refinement, uncomfortable seats, interiors look very basic - Maruti Gypsy Pros: Compact 4x4, versatile, tolerates abuse, Easy to drive anywhere Cons: Old looks, lacks features. jbond8302009-03-15 03:25:32
  20. Innova... Hey, I just found out that the base version of Innova has no power steering. Is this true?
  21. Ok, I am gonna speak a little technical and gonna be a tough critic on some cars. If you could follow what I am saying, then please provide your comments. A closer look on the spec details of Innova, Scorpio and Xylo shows the trio share a common attribute. i.e multi-link rear suspension. I guess that multi-link rear suspension makes a big difference. It separates the MUV's which drive like a car from the MUV's which drive like a truck. On the other hand, the leaf spring rear suspension causes lot of quick jerks while going through pot holes. Its best left to carry commercial load. If passengers travel in such vehicles, then they actually have a risk of getting spondylitis(neck problem)