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  1. better handing in all roads, not just the multi-laned highways. I doubt if Innova would be good for sub-urban conditions. Innova suffers from minimal ground clearance and stiffer suspension.
  2. From the above MUV, can you identify the one which has better drive ability.
  3. wagon R is more like a wagon. Very old design Indica vista is the future. There is so much space in Vista.
  4. Could it be the Sulfur dioxide emission? Sulfur smells horrible
  5. thanks. But the unleaded petrol is not discussed elaborately. Doest its octane rating varies by city? Say if my car needs 88 octane, then is regular unleaded is enough? I stay in chennai.
  6. Can anyone tell me the exact octane rating of the following types of petrol - regular unleaded petrol - xtra premum petrol - speed petrol
  7. I am back!!! Now, I took the A-star for another 400km highway run. But this time I ket the maximum driving speed as 80kmph. So driving below 80kmph gives a better mileage AC on 100%, 4 passenger and a Driver Highway mileage - 18.1 kmpl That sounds sweet!!!
  8. Is the new ikon same as the old one? I think it has different suspension. Am I right?
  9. Is it tough to drive without seeing through the back windscreen. For instance, if 5 people travel in the Alto, then the back windscreen is fully covered. So, I guess, it should be fairly easy to drive with just the side mirrors.
  10. Why not linea. It has better mileage.
  11. Its similar to the Indigo Marina.But, The Marina has the same leg room as the Indica, but large boot space. The scout will have more leg space than the fabia and also better boot space.
  12. Try one!!! is a marketing tactic used to pull the crowd and sell the left overs and useless chemical byproducts. The actual stuff(nitrogen) is so cheap to produce. So if they sell it with a huge margin then, even one sold means profit for them. There is absolutely no loss!!! If 1000 try the product then its 1000 times 300 Rs.
  13. Well. Kinetic is one retailer who sells innovative and international class bikes in India.
  14. There is noting creative or innovative with Indian bike manufacturers. They all just copy and mimic the characteristics of those high end sports bikes. Also, bikes like Enticer, eliminator are all gimmicks. Just a copy and punny version of the real thing. While, Enfield is still selling age old design and technology. Its a monopoly for enfield. There is no other choice than the bullet. Even if something new and innovative comes in. Like the Hero honda street. Not many buy. Many dont wanna be the odd one out, or its just peer pressure. Look at this bike. Its called the T-REX. Lol!!
  15. Lol!!, You said, Linea have no hopes??? And you are comparing GP/JAZZ with swift???? Dude, you dint get your salary bonus last month from MSIL? Plot busted sales manager...
  16. Yea, I heard about it too. The cars which will be coming to India are Citroen C1 and C2, small cars.
  17. No, It like pulsar range. Yamaha is creating its own range of Indian made bikes.