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  1. Damn. This bike looks damn damn damn goood!!!!!!!!!!!. The tyre thickness, the tank design. Everything is wov... Somehow, pulsar looses its elegant looks
  2. mostly driven in city, then why Xylo? Xylo has better ride quality than SX4 due to its softer suspension. why not hyundai Verna. Best sedan for the city. Low rpm torque. Good diesel mileage. comfortable ride quality.
  3. I guess, it more to do with engine design. Even thought the 4 cylinders are superior in performance, a very old engine will lack the performance of a newly designed 3 pot engine.
  4. Single cylinder engine has a more powerful 'power stroke'(combustion) than that of a two cylinder. So this results in more torque. The excess torque is very much noticeable at low rpm speed than at high rpm. But the two cylinder will be much responsive. i.e smooth acceleration.
  5. Good Idea we will fly then..... Freedom from traffic jam and bad roads..) Red bull... NICE Idea !!! You can add the small Heartattack cure pills which contain nitrogylcerin. Your fuel will have higher octane then, and your car goes crazy. Its cheap man!!!. (just 2 rs). Saw this technique used in a movie " Worlds fastest Indian"
  6. I think Getz diesel and Swift diesel and equally priced. So Getz isnt overpriced.
  7. Dude, I thought all service stations are closed. Then corsa is a pretty good second hand buy.
  8. Thats true. I have seen few corsa. They look new. You got some good service centers around your place? Or is chevy doing the service for Opel too?
  9. So toyota, skoda and honda have no rattles. Heard that even the palio rattles. Read it a ownership review. But palio 1.1 is a damn smooth car.
  10. Can you all share your experience. Which cars dont rattle even after 50,000kms?
  11. swift has become a life style. Awesome car.
  12. Within city, U-VA give a mileage of 11-12kmpl. Highway - 16kmpl. What color are you opting for?
  13. Devil and DD gave a lot of info about diesel engines.. Keep it coming and lets keep it cool here. @rkrk. I can share some characteristics of 3 cyl engines because I own one. - 3 cylinders are theoretically more efficient than 4 cylinders. Hence more mileage. - 3 cylinders have more NVH than the 4 cylinder. - 3 cylinders will give you a jerky ride. Mainly while shifting gears A-star is a 3 cylinder car and it doesnt feel bad at all. But, when you keenly watch out for the above charactertics, they are identifiable. I think 3 cylinder engines will give you better torque.
  14. http://www.novopalio.com.br/index.jsp Something look interesting in this wesbite. The styling looks german, and has the macho look of the first generation palio
  15. I dont think this would be the facelifted palio coming on 2010. There is one more face life inbetween the Indian palio and the new Palio released in Brazil. Basically, the facelift will be all interiors and the front grill will be chrome. The one in the above photo has just been launched, so it will take another decade for it to become a second hand Hand me down and be launched in India.
  16. Dude, you might get banned for this. Its just a photoshop wrk. You said its seen in pune?? Isnt this the brazil model, next generation palio? Looks good. But delayed launch for India. Would be great if its an international release jbond8302009-02-18 16:59:23