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  1. Stop the fighting and lets figure out if its worth fighting? - Fiat is Fiat and Hyundai is Hyundai. Both are using the help of India to become No.1 - Both companies are not Indian, so both have international manufacturing plants. Hence they are very much capabe of reaping profits in Indian and investing somewhere else. Also they are capable of threatening the government by disinvestment. - 62 years after independence Tata, and Mahindra have become significant players who contribute to the technical growth of Indian car industry by using Indian R&D - The koreans and japanese where so fast in technical development because they have appropriate ties with the Americans. If Korean & Japan's economy grows then its good for America's economy as most of the american products are exported to these countires. I10, A-star, Linea(90%), 1.3MJDengine comes with the tag "Made in India". So more of these kind of releases results in technical and economic development of India. Also, all the foreign manufacturers complain that Indian infrastructer is not fit enough to release their complete range of products. Will you buy this? jbond8302009-02-18 13:52:53
  2. http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/7356/scanuk6.jpg Check the above link. One of our members posted it in Linea thread. Good info. For Mileage, I guess ACI publishes data about it. Anyone has link for that?
  3. The market is evolving and scooters are making the comeback. Why dont we highlight the differences between the bikes and scooters. If we could identify some specific features which are totally missed out in scooters or even in the bikes, then it would help us choose better. For instance, almost all scooters which are available now are having small wheels. Small wheels makes the vehicle unstable at high speed/tight turns and increases the risk of skidding. So, it would be good if we have a option of scooter which has bigger wheels like that of a bike. Yamaha has some scooters which have such big wheel design. So, if we good highlight those specific features, it makes life much easier for everyone.
  4. I am damn sure that swift will loose half of its prospective buyers to Ritz. Ritz will be a success. Not like A-star - Better and Futuristic looks. This car looks better on the road. I bet on this. . - More spacious, more leg and shoulder room (like the vista) - Good engine, 1.2 petrol and 1.3 diesel mjd - Combined with all the qualities of the "Wagon" cars
  5. Dude, Palio stile is an awesome car. Nothing beats it. The A.S.S, niggling problems, parts availability are the problems. First, Fiat needs to clarify to the customers that Palio service is upto the mark
  6. jbond830

    Dog Problem

    marry the car to a donkey, the dog will leave then. Hey, Do what cyrus and DD said. Keep some food for the dogs and make friendship. Animal repellents will cause unwanted diseases to spread. These repellent cause an indirect effect jbond8302009-02-18 05:16:59
  7. 4.5 lakhs, get the Chevy U-VA. A very huge hatch, and also very good looking in white.
  8. I guess, Ritz will be the right competitor for the hyundai i10.
  9. jbond830

    Dog Problem

    Could be the security alarm of the car has irritated the dogs. The dogs mistook as another big dog barking at them
  10. I was talking about bringing all the good engines for Indian customers. We got the Fiat 1.3 mjd, How about something more powerful like the 1.9. Similarly, Hyundai has the 1.5 crdi, but 1.1 crdi is yet to come.
  11. I think everyone understands that Fiat is the best diesel engine around. Am I rite? Something says that, Hyundai will regularly update its diesel engines as the technology improves. But how about Fiat? On the other hand. Hyundai has a 1.1 liter crdi diesel engine for the i10. But the same has not been released in the Indian market.
  12. jbond830

    Dog Problem

    Should be you occupied their space. Usually dogs are very much alive in the night. They fight a lot in the night for territory, mate and all that animal stuff... Or, let me suggest another theory May be the dogs are revolting against the sudden burst of the no of Cars in India Dogs have senses 20 times better than us. So they can detect even the minute changes around them. Looks like they have sensed the end of days.
  13. just joking. This MUV cant ride fast, but sure can ride smooth over bumpy roads
  14. But, no matter how good is the technology its the complete product which matters. Hyundai with its good A.S.S, international releases, and decent enough cars make it a more attractive than the Fiat for majority of the buyers. Edit: I am referring to the Indian buyers jbond8302009-02-17 08:23:01
  15. when I go on highways, I see more Tata indicas than Maruti 800/Alto. Its like 10 Indicas for every Maruti Alto/800
  16. The Vulture Falcon looks good in green. Great VFM.
  17. well omni is good for maruti. Maruti targets the suburbs. Omni is a failure in cities as a passenger car. Maruti will produce Omni's in batches and pack them into big Trucks and transport them to the remotes villages and will sell them there. The village guys use them as per their need. They fold the seats and put their things, their beds. Or they transport 12+ people. Very versatile usage. Basically these are the users who are best suited to own a omnni. They use the van in whichever way they need. Its a 4 wheeleed motorised bullocart.. A true MUV. Omni
  18. i am getting bored with civic looks. All hondas have similar looks. And toyota altis also looks similar. Whats wrong? I think, most buyers dont really care about looks... They just go by the brand
  19. How is the service for fiat Palio Stile? This car has everything in it to beat cars double its price. But the service issue is the only factor.
  20. how about the tires which come with A-star. Reads "JD radial tires. Developed with german technology". Lol!!!
  21. I have seen them . They look tall and narrow. They dont give a wide stance. Sonalika is an indian company rite?
  22. Hi Devil That very true. Fiat is so much into the creation of crdi. Fiat's alfa romeo is the first car to come equipped with crdi engine back in 1997. Thats good news for fiat fans
  23. Minor face lift? Any chances of the verna diesel engine being plonked onto the i20?