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  1. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to convert Diesel SUVs (viz., Scorpio precisely) in India to use CNG instead - Are there any such kits available.
  2. @carispassion, I did TD for most of the cars listed here apart from Ritz. I felt that Beat petrol and Figo petrol were not very enthusiastic in drive. Somehow didnt enjoy driving those two cars.. does anybody share this feeling about figo and beat? I personally enjoyed Punto the most but not going for it since it is a tad expensive and also tata afss concerns.,,,
  3. maybe a stupid question but what is a 2-din stereo? I hav heard this term but do not understand the 2-din part of it....
  4. i think i do see them in areas swept by wiper and curved pattern is there too...!! Also, sometimes even in heavy rain wipers create a noise while running on the glass. In case wipers are bad, are they covered by standard 2 yr warranty?
  5. Hi My ford Ikon is 1.5 yr old and it has got scratches on its widshield. These scratches are not visible normally but are clearly visible when i am driving the sunlight falls directly on widshield. Is this due to faulty wiper? I take care to not use wiper on dry glass. Is there a way that i can smoothen out these scratches using some polish or some other procedure? Please help me as my heart breaks when i have to drive looking through those scratches.... Regards Vineet
  6. i think he meant more like teflon coating. Can someone please let me know more about utility and cost of this coating? I also googled around and found a thing called polymer lamination on car bodies. Is this different from teflon coating? Regards Vineet
  7. Hi My dealer is providing free car lamination with new purchase for i10. Can someone pls tell me what this lamination of car means and is it useful? Also, what is the market cost of this procedure for i10 Regards Vineet
  8. Hi All Finally zeroed in on i10. Now please help me decide between Magna and Sportz model of i10. In sportz I get Rear defogger, rear wiper and music system for extra 24k. Please let me know how useful are rear defogger and rear wiper in north indian conditions. Regards Vineet
  9. hmmm.. so everybody feels that neither figo nor punto should be chosen for a petrol car..! And Beat seems to be all round fav!! I was a bit circumspect about Beat due to GM bankruptcy last year, but i guess that not a big concern anymore. After looking at figo, i did not like the interiors for ritz at all. Nor am i a fan of its looks. So, Ritz is not in ques for me. Should I then consider Swift Petrol? But swift is too old. I'll TD Beat for sure this week. I was intersted in i20 but it is too expensive. New WagonR looks big and different. I there a change in engine too... any other ideas? so, a no for figo, right? (Figo's feature are still attracting me but having no service centre in 60 Km radius is a factor) Regards
  10. What about Figo vs Punto in petrol versions?
  11. Hi All I am looking to buy a new petrol car with a budget of not more than 4.5 Lac. I did TD for Figo, Punto and i10 yesterday and now need to decide between Figo Zxi (petrol) and Punto 1.2 active. Driving point of view I just loved Punto during TD, it felt solid and handled pretty well. With Figo I felt a little lag in pick up but amzingly smooth gears. However, since both Ford & Fiat are famous for diesel engines (at least in indian market), I am not sure about buying a petrol car from them. Can you pls comment about petrol engine being used by these cars? Please help me decide in these two. Important point is that for both Ford and Fiat, nearest service center is about 60 Km from my place, so i will ideally love to not go to workshop except for mandatory service. Need you help Regards Vineet
  12. i was wondering if Grand Punto is a good choice too!! any ideas about Punto and Ritz..... I think we can scale the budget to around 4.5....
  13. We need to decide only between Hyundai and Maruti...there is no other service centre in town and it would be a big hassle if he has to travel 50 kms to get servicing done...
  14. Hi I own a Ikon D since last one year and it has been fantastic. Compared to Logan I would recommend Ikon any day. And i find it hard believe that Logan would have better mileage than Ikon. Mine easily gives more than 21 even in city!!! Yes, it is a little low seated but once you get used to it, that doesn't bother much. Regards Vineet
  15. Hi All My dad is looking to replace his old Maruti 800 and I need suggestions. He doesn't drive too often now, so does not want to spend much more than 3/3.5 L. Also, my hometown only has service centers for Hyundai/Maruti so no other manufacturer can be considered. I have new Estillo in my mind...any reviews about it. Also, A-star/Santro/i10 are under consideration. Please advice and help Regards Vineet