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  1. so is karol bagh a heavy priced showroom types market area with a wide variety or products or a wholesale types sasta,sunder, tikao....?
  2. Hi I bought my pulsar in Dec 07 and it has done only 5k KMs so far. Since I am buying a car now and will probably not use my bike much I am planning to sell it. Please let me know what will the right price to this bike right now? Vineet
  3. ok! so any opinion on how useful a maintainence plan would be for normal users? Is it worth buying?
  4. agreed that extended warranty might be waste for average users who do not run their car over 1 lac km in first 2-3 years. But their are total maintainence plans too, like ford has one where they take 10k for 2 years/ 30k plan. Therein they claim that nothing will need to be paid during any service or repair. However, since car will anyways be in warranty for first two years, what is the point of total maintainence plan?
  5. From what i have heard is that there are lots of bookings for this car. Dealer i booked with says that he has like 300 bookings this month. This two week waiting is in Delhi, but I checked at another place nearby and they had a waiting of 2 months of this car!! I hope we see lot of this car on roads very soon (including mine)
  6. i have recently booked an ikon tdci and here is what i think: 1. Pros: Ikon is more spacious esp in rear seat and has a bigger boot than dzire. Waiting is period for ikon is somethink one can live with. Has engine of fiesta which is atleast comparable to swift's engine. Beige interiors that dzire does not have. Ikon is like 70K cheaper than dzire vdi!! Ikon has better plastics than dzire and is likely to be more fuel efficient IMHO. 2. Cons: Ikon is ford product so After sale service might be an issue and maintainence will surely be costlier than maruti (i am yet to face these but ACI forum members assured me that ford has improved on both the fronts now). Resale value will see dzire score over ikon but see ikon already saves you 70k while buying ;-)
  7. Guys!!! I have finally booked a ford ikon tdci in platinum color. Should get the delievery in couple of weeks. Thanks a lot for your help!
  8. so what is best insurance policy one should opt for. Ford dealer is offering iffko-tokio insurance! I recently heard that reliance insurance is very good and there is no hassle of reimbursement and surveyor etc. Please help me in deciding.
  9. I checked with ford dealer and they say that "Extended warranty" does not cover clutch/brake etc as they are routine maintainence. My car is not going to run like 10-15k per annum. So i am confused if i should buy extended warranty or not.
  10. Hii What is difference between getting insurance from dealer vs getting it from outside? There is normally a price diff of arnd 20% but a dealer told me that getting insurance from dealer makes claim process much easier. In nutshell, should I buy car insurance from outside and save on premium?
  11. I am planning to buy ford ikon diesel soon, so should I go for extended warranty? If so then 3rd yr only or 4th yr also. My car will probably run from 10k to 15k per year
  12. Also the dealer has advised them to buy a Swift LDI and then upgrade several things (thru dealer) like Central locking, power windows, alloy wheels etc to make it equivalent to a VDI. Dealer claims that this will not void the warranty of the car. The most surprising part is that dealer suggested to get the LDI label on back of car to VDI!!! This dealer looks fishy to me but i dont have experience in this matter. I always thought that body fittings would be best done in a factory. What do you guys think? I this a good way to go?
  13. Hi A relative is looking to buy Swift LDI, 09 model soon and dealer says that there is no waiting list and you can get the vehicle right now. Since I am also looking for buying my first car I have been in touch with lot of dealers here in Delhi. All of them told me (Maruti, Hyundai, Ford) that 09 models will get shipped only by mid-jan, so first consignment of those will come only by end of jan. Maruti dealer even told me that factory will start prodcution around 9th Jan and for Swift diesel there will be an expected waiting of at least 3-4 months once 09 models come in market. So, is the dealer in Karnal taking my relative for a ride or is it possible that he somehow has 09 models? I called up Maruti customer care but they did not confirm either way. Please let me know your thoughts on this. Vineet
  14. thanks all for good advice, i picked up the idea of Ikon diesel from here (ikon was not even on my list) and have almost zeroed in on it. Still there are people around me who are prodding me to go for Swift Diesel instead of Ikon. I know Swift diesel has a looong waiting period but leaving that apart, do you think Swift Diesel is better buy than Ikon 1.4 TDCi
  15. Hi Please let me know cost of servicing for different brands being sold in India: 1. Maruti 2. Hyundai 3. GM 4. Ford 5. TaTA etc.... Regards Vineet
  16. ok, this could be another thread in itself...! these are general nomenclature of internet communities these are all different forums of discussion on ACI website. If you look at the title above then it says "AutoCar India Forums">>"Techies Garage">"AAA" Notice that it says "Forums" :-) Even if these were sections (eventually its just nomenclature) still both have overlapping scopes. Read description for both and they overlap regarding advice on new cars. It is perfectly possible that some users visit AAA more frequently than India Cars. So, posting a question is multiple forums (or sections) is perfectly fine as long as topic is relevant.
  17. these are two different forums I am using, please check out for urself! AAA and Indian Cars....
  18. i am starting new threads in different forum. I didnt assume that most of same ppl are participating in both the forums. Whats the need of two forums then? Also, since my questions regarding ford and indigo CS went unanswered in other forum I decided to try my luck in a separate forum. is there anything wrong with that?
  19. Hi all I need to buy my first car very soon and following are my requirements: 1. Rear seat comfort 2. Mileage 3. Maintainence cost 4. Boot space Please help me choose among cars i mentioned above. Also, some important questions for me are: 1. Is tata indigo CS unreliable and would trouble its buyer a lot? Does it wear out very quickly? 2. Is ford Ikon (new one) high on maintaince costs? What is mileage it gives? 3. Is buying Getz 1.3 a good idea with i20 around? Regards Vineet
  20. regarding ford ikon, i talked to some people and they say that ford will be too costly to that the case? ford owners pls help me?
  21. Hi Since i was suggested to go for new ford ikon in ACI forums and I was interested i asked couple of mechanics about it. Both of them said that it will be too costly to maintain since it is a ford. Is that the case? can any of ford owners chip in here for my help? Regards Vineet
  22. also, is ford ikon high on maintainence and how is its after sale service? any one expiriences with ford pls comment... i too got a call from Hyundai for i20 trial, might do it on sunday!