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  1. @ksgulyani since u r suggesting Indigo, can u please let me know if u have used the car? If so then pls share a brief review of the car! ford Ikon seems to be a good option to me, since u get a diesel sedan for price of petrol i20 So I am thinking between, i20/Ikon/Indigo now....
  2. thanks guys for replies here..most ppl say that tata "may" have reliablity issues, but can anybody confirm from expirience that Indigo CS Dicor is unreliable and would not last 5-7 years timeframe.... Swift is not an option since lacks the space and has huge waiting in diesel! Swift petrol might still be an option.... I have TD palio stile and liked the car. But buying a FIAT might be risky, since there aren't many of them on road! @vibhor... u raised an interesting choice in ikon! Do you think ikon would be a good buy since it is a pretty old car, is it a good idea get an outdated car? @uneet... for fabia i am looking at petrol base model whose ex-showroom price is almost same as i20 magna but comes with air bags. Are u using deisel fabia or petrol? How is skoda's after sale support and maintainence costs like? Regards Vineet
  3. Hi all...... I want to buy a car with budget of around Rs 5 Lac. I travel almost 35 Kms daily between office and home so my monthly usage would be around 1000 kms. Rear seat comfort is important to me as is boot space since I normally travel with my wife and parents. Please suggest among the cars mentioned in subject or any other car which may suit me. Also, I have waited almost 2 months for i20 can not wait any longer so need to make this decision in maximum of 2 weeks time. Please help me!!!!!!!!! Vineet
  4. thanks all for detailed info about upcoming indigo. However there is no way I can wait to buy my car till march as i have already waited so long for i20. But after seeing Indigo CS and its price, I kinda want to go for it. Now I need to find out answers to questions i asked in first post here so that I can decide upon it. Please let me know any views and reviews about the "existing" indigo CS (dicor/tdi).
  5. any updates on my questions above plz??
  6. Hi My quest for my first car is still on. I am thinking about Indigo now, seems to be good idea to get a sedan with diesel engine around 5L. Any reviews about Indigo on following points: 1. After sale and maintenance 2. Fuel efficiency 3. Comfort and other features 4. Difference between Indigo CS and other variants. Vineet
  7. that is good news!! but i guess it is being priced a little too high! I am waiting for i20 before buying my new car. Is it right idea to buy a brand new entry into market? Are there i-20 reviews from european markets?
  8. can anybody say with conviction that GM America wont affect GM India? Infact, its wrong to say GM America, since it the GM, I mean parent company of all GM brands all over the world. IMO it is immature to say that indian subsidiary will continue unharmed when the parent company dies. I guess we all know what happened to Lehman Brothers India when Lehman Brothers (America!) went down or what happened to Daewoo India when Daewoo (Korea!!) went down. Chevrolet has this promise of 3-year free maintainence at a time when the parent company is not confident of lasting even 3 weeks!!! @rssh: "Such things happen all the time".....that is the most childish thing i have heard in these bad u know that GM is the biggest car maufacturer in the world and is on verge of bankruptcy right now?? I bet such things dont happen very often !!!
  9. I hab booked UVA-LT last month but have cancelled the booking now. GM is in peril in US and may go bankrupt as govt is not being able to help right now. I like that car and chose it from among swift,getz and uva but fear that it may go down matiz way if GM goes down.
  10. Hi All General Motors is in a financial mess. I recently booked a Chevy Aveo Uva, but am very confused by prospect of GM bankruptcy. What do you guys think will happen to Chevrolet cars in India if its parent company GM fails in USA? Vineet
  11. Ok, having tussled with getz vs u-va for over two weeks, this is what i have: Getz 1.1 GVS: pros: Hyundai!! Good cabin space and boot space reclining rear seat and 60:40 split Interior cons: underpowered engine old model U-va LS pros: new car good reviews regarding drive more powerful engine than getz (in terms of bhp) external looks cons: poor interiors less space than getz (though reviews say otherwise) chevy!! With these things in mind, I am in favor of getz but am bothered by fact that its engine power is good 10 bhp less than u-va. Please guide me as to what are the implications of engine power ( i am not really a auto guy) Main things i have against u-va are its interiors and reliability of chevrolet (esp with financial mess GM is in right now!!!) Please help me guys, I want to get my first car in next week.
  12. this thing about poor mileage of getz is confusing me. at some places people agree with this statement, at some others people dont, not sure what is correct. I TD the u-va yesterday and it was ok. i dont like the interiors of u-va as plastic quality is like maruti 800. Getz is much better on that count. Company claims mileage of 21 for u-va!!! thats an amazing claim... Do you people here know mileage that can be expected from u-va ls and getz 1.1?
  13. so if getz is being discontinued, can i still consider buying it? What could be the consequences if it goes out of production shortly after i buy it? I talked to couple more dealers and they had getz available and did not confirm the news of getz going out...!!
  14. I liked Fiat palio stile but its difficult convincing my father in favor of brand FIAT!!
  15. i had a look at swift this weekend, its boot space was good but rear seat was cramped. I need to travel mostly with my wife and parents so rear seat comfort is important to me. Its mostly between getz 1.1 and u-va now....please help in taking this decision.
  16. Sorry guys..i was travelling most of last 2 weeks so couldnt write here. I test visited showrooms of hyundai, chevy, tata, fiat, maruti this weekend in my quest to buy my first car. I almost decided on Getz Prime 1.1 top model, but today a dealer told me that Getz is not selling anymore since i20 will replace it. I can not wait for i20, i need to buy car very soon now. My budget is 4.5 lacs and getz 1.1 model seemed to fit in perfectly at 4.4 lac with pretty good space inside!! But now i am confused!! So, any suggestions on this topic now???
  17. Hi guys i am looking to buy my first car around diwali. Some of main considerations for me are: 1. Mileage and running cost 2. Rear seat comfort 3. boot space Please suggest me something from 3 mentioned in subject above or some other car. I am also confused between petrol/deisel/lpg options. I dont intend to drive car more than 600 km/ month but still feel that paying for deisel once might be better off than having to pay heavily for petrol every week. Please help in taking a decision here. Vineet