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  1. providing the exhaust can breathe OK, cam timing is usually the big thing missing from most engines and gives good power for the money, if your engine has a timing belt that needs changing at a major service, you could do the cam swap then. if you email me the engine specs, ie, twin cam or single, bore and stroke and ignition timing and standard cam timng, I will design your cam for free. regards Carl.
  2. I am getting worse as I grow older,I now drive a GTR V spec R34 which has plenty of mods but never enough power, you think I would "grow up" being 43, but I must say, the fast driving bit is on a circuit or appropriate speeds only on an empty good road far away from a city,and not with the kids in the car!! please take note young guy's, fast cars and highways will be in India soon,drive carefully please!!! one accident can ruin someones life.
  3. Depending on the genuine filter type,K&N's will usually be a FLOW increase and if put together with other modifications,will result in more power,but again it needs to be said that it all needs to be matched and calculated to be an overall power gain from standard, eg, cam,exhaust,intake,mapping [jetting]& possibly in some engines compression and spark advance mods.
  4. Trouble is,if you want big sports bikes,you need over 95 octane fuel and nice highways [or racetracks] to use them on,then your police [like ours] will discover speeding fines as a good revenue raiser!
  5. I think FRG hit it spot on when he siad "you tend to drive harder just to hear the noise" after 28 years in the hot up game,the advice he gave again I will say,made me laugh because it addressed every point and was SPOT ON.
  6. Dear Zavo, you are very right,lets just say most of what we have just had printed and bound only 30 mins ago was detailing EXACTLY what you mentioned was critical,in fact about 30% of it was pitched that way,luckily I have very good locals who know how it works,very detailed to that point. yours sincerely. Mr baksheeeesh
  7. If we could get some net support to show the minister in our second presentation,we may be allowed to build the circuit for all to use,the R34 will be brought over as a "promotional/pace car" for the circuit,when I return home I will email pictures to the forum and videos of me racing it,to prove to anyone who doubts us.[ actually I have a DVD here in India if anyone wants a download of me racing at bathurst and oran park at the "Autosalon" Z tune release track day. thanks, Carl
  8. And the octane / RON number? this is the big question
  9. There is a big difference in Fuels,Octane rating [and RON] are paramount,all big Hi Po machines state 95 octane or higher, we have 92,95,98 and 100 in Australia all stated at the pump. You can detonate and melt a turbo engine very quickly with bad fuel, unless you change the spark map to suit [retard spark for lower octane because it burns quicker] Carl.
  10. Thank you, as even the staff at the service stations dont quite know,I need to know because we are planning to import certain Hi Po models from O/S
  11. I ran that around the office here and they said ACIs response is a bit like "BIKE Indias, 4 days after asking them for help they cant even return an email, it has been suggested that at my level it could be just a bit to much for them to be mature enough to join hands instead of being overawed by someone who is only trying to improve things,not take all there jobs/ whatever.again,thank you for being helpfull, thats the best help weve had,and its from overseas!!
  12. Good on you Extreme,Im with you,your description of crossing the road,slipping in the bath etc, is TRUE, I take the risk whenever I sign up even for just a track day,its worth it, as for the Parents thing.....well.....once your a big boy..........well leave it there.........good on you for helping to grow what I believe is the most skilled form of driving [and i race a GTR in aust;]
  13. Maximus,its Friday and speaking of numbers,you wont even reply to the email I sent,we do need numbers, that is more help than enough for now,and simple for all you guys [ &girls], today we book our next govt meeting [high level this time] and still no help, I have made big sacrifices to do this, shut my shop and left young family back in Aussie wanting dad home, PLEASE !!!!!
  14. Wow,we dont even know where we can put the track yet! well done! being in kazakhstan,I dont see you next to me in our offices in Hyderabad, And it doesnt take a Hermann to design a great track, big names come with crores of money,last proposal wasted 2 crores before the thing was even designed.
  15. Cant wait to move here and do a cam for the Enfield,love your cafe mods,My 500 single yamaha kit is world famous,check my article on building them in the international publication "VMX" magazine, I"ll do yours for free Gordon.