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  1. trojan_virus this question is for you what music system set up u have in your car HU + Rear speakers + front and front which brand u prefer This is what i plan to buy around second week of december Pioneer HU 6050 + JBL 937 at rear + blaupunkt speakes in front give me your advise also
  2. request you to please let me know this , how this combination is Pioneer HU 6050 + JBL 937 at rear + blaupunkt speakes in front
  3. Thanks a lot for response I listen more to spiritual kind of music - i mean meditational music - suttle ones , bhajans so i wanted to hear more crisp ness sound of those so now after reading all your advise how is this combination and how will be the nusic effect Pioneer HU 6050 + JBL 937 at rear + blaupunkt speakes in front --------Arjun
  4. Thanks a lot for the response Yes i have a driving liscence Will keep in mind all these thoughts while driving Let them shout or bark - i care no damn now after reading this ------------Arjun - ( Bangalore )
  5. Guys i need your thoughts I was not knowing driving - undergone a class and now confortable and ok what happened is i took a new car - santro and tried going for 2 days on road seeing the traffic my car got stopped , my mistake ,i literally in panic removed my leg from clutch and car stopped , poeple honking loud , somehow managed , but now what has happened is i dont get that interest to go out i just drive in lane thats it i dont feel like going out in main road due to reason i have in mind what will happen if it stops , and those kind of questions How to overcome this -------Arjun
  6. Then after reading i now think of going for Pioneer HU - 6050 UB + Blau paunkt speakers ( oval) 2 big abd 2 front small will this be a good combination and will this give me crisp music quality. ---Arjun Hey guys thanks so much for guiding me and spending your time on this its that i dont want to buy again and again - what i buy should be a good investment
  7. Hello friends I have got santro xing XLS budget is 12 k I plan to have Blaupunkt - Kingston MP47 installed in my car oval speakers + front 2 speakers same Blaupunkt brand Please let me know what is your opinion in this ? second question is - I would like to have good aroma in car while i seat on it - which one do u think is the best aroma smell should not be strong - mild - fragnance should be ok Request u guys let me know -Arjun