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  1. it will be failure because of its very unconventional front looks and also the rear which is again like the ritz,which as we know many people dont accept its odd rear shape,even my frnds father is not considering it to buy although he has that budget to spend.its overall shape is similar to our nano hence if this car is launched we can assume that it would be a benefit for the nano europa which might get launched in comming 3-4 yrs,also ritz would get a lot more customers,n the i would certainly fail bcoz its mitsubishi. so i think we can say hat the mitsubishi is here only because of its pajero and montero,do you agree here everyone??
  2. do check the ritz ,else jazz is the best followed by the i-20. i am also waiting to check out the chevy beat,after that i ll go for the ritz vxi or estillo vxi
  3. Facelifting might only include some change in head light,tail light,new chrome garnished grill,new hub caps,beige interiors or 2 tone interiors like santro and new design seats like santro nothing else should be expected here. Also might get an option of 1 airbag like the Spark. Post edited Note from mod: Use Capital letters where required & avoid the use of "-----". BornFree2009-12-16 15:23:57
  4. according to me its very ugly n boring design,now its looking more boxy than the current one on sale,its just horrible,will be sold only due to lots of space n maruti brand name else it would be a failure like the initial estillo.the second upgraded wagonr was the best(the one with clear lense head lamp) n the primea was its best limited edition in the wagonr family,it was really eye catching,else other limited editions were just horrible with horrible sticker jobs..
  5. is chevy uva also worth considering?? but its really a boring car to own according to me.
  6. again in settling for spark he wont get abs n airbags,which i think is really very important now a days.i think astar is best else i10 sports is really good to own,hyundai is offering discounts of abt 35,000 n further if more tried upto 38-39000 is possible. wat abt the getz prime is it still available with the dealers,nd i think we can grt a vry excellent discounts bcoz its gonna stop now.should i tell him to check out for getz also??
  7. actually december will be full of discounts so just cant wait.among these range the ritz n swift are the best,also the vista,but his family members have only these choices bcoz i think they like there looks :-). the maximum budget is 4.5 lacs.want petrol car only,so no vista n ritz di.
  8. hi!!!,my frnd wants to get a small car,he shortlisted these- 1. a-star zxi 2.i 10 sport 3.spark lt 4.or a 2nd hand wagon-r i suggest him to go for the a-star bcoz of its teeth filled features,wat abt u?? plz suggest me as early as possible,bcoz he has to get it at december end.. if i10 suggested should he go for the 1.2 kappa or the irde version nd wats the price difference btween kappa sports nd irde sports??
  9. hi,my frnd wants to get a small car,he shortlisted these- 1. a-star zxi 2.i 10 sport 3.spark 4. a 2nd hand wagon-r i suggest him a-star bcoz of its safety features,wat abt u?? plz suggest me as early as possible,bcoz he has to get it at december end..
  10. dude better go for the gs,its better among the 2.
  11. wait till the punto is launched or else go for the i20,its currently i think the best looking premium hatch.but ritz would be a wise decision to go for as now a days the roads are too congested nd there is no less numbers of ***** bikers nd rikshaws who would put a scratch in ur costly beauty nd at the end of the day u ll be sad hearted that some1 has put a scratch on ur babys bumper or sides as the same happened with my dzire nd the sx4 nd even with my both bikes,i am very sad for them as i love all of them very today i think if we had gone for some small hatches or some small 100 or 125 cc bikes i would'nt have felt that much pain. accha m really very sorry for my boring but painfull story. anyways its ur choice.
  12. either go for the petrol ritz or the i10,both are excellent cars
  13. man if u can wait for some time just wait for the upgraded pulsar 200,which has to come with whole lots of goodies including the 220 fairing also as an option or otherwise go for the new 180 which also shares the same looks of the current 200 with some added power.
  14. @sudeepd you have 4got 2 see i have pulsar 180 also and as far as the hunk is concerned i just not at all like hero hondas so hunk is from the same stable,i just love pulsar 150/180/200 and fz.hunk was bought by my elder brother who has now sent it to me,as he is going abroad.