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  1. I find Mahindra's attitude a little difficult to gauge. They have bought over Kinetic Motors which in turn had already purchased the entire Italjet scooter range, future models' diagrams and also some of the production lines (if I am not mistaken). The one thing that Italjet did not have was an engine. I wonder if Mahindra has access to these designs of Italjet scooters. If they do, all they need to do is work on a proper engine and put it into them and it can open an entirely new sports scooter segment. But Mahindra does not seem to be doing that. I wonder why?
  2. Let us say, we should wait for this to actually happen. Sometimes overenthusiastic journalists see things that are not yet ready to happen. Anyway don't get too excited even if it is coming because it will probably cost a bomb.
  3. I think GM has done the right thing by keeping the "upgrade" to the Captiva quiet. It is not as if it is a great selling car and with the exception of the dropping of the 2.0 litre engine from the line up there is nothing really substantial out there. Good to see that GM has realized that making a noise about nothing, that too about a product that is not a hot seller, is a pointless and expensive exercise.
  4. As is the norm now, Toyota's facelifts convert what maybe acceptable otherwise into aesthetic nightmares. But they still sell, so it must work for them, so I guess the opinion of the likes of me does not matter all that much.
  5. Honda likes to sell its products in India for a premium because it has somehow managed to get tagged with the idea of a premium car maker though it sells two wheelers which are not considered premium. So I feel the price of the Honda Brio Amaze will be significantly higher than the Swift Dzire. And that means people will still prefer the Maruti. And also remember that the Brio hatchback has not made any dents in the sales of the Swift hatchback; though the argument will be that it does not have a diesel engine yet. While that is true, the difference in the numbers is very, very wide and only the absence of a diesel engine cannot account for that kind of a gap.
  6. The ML is worth its price, now that the price is down a little thanks to its being assembled in India. What you are getting now is a version that has very recently upgraded and therefore you do not have to worry about upgrades happening after you buy the ML class SUV. Go ahead and buy it.
  7. The BMW F10 is a fine car. You don't need to ask anyone about it. If you want it, buy it.
  8. That Ashok Leyland will be renamed has been reported in the newspapers. However "Hinduja Leyland" is journalists' speculation. The company has not confirmed anything. I don't see why the Tata Divo coach is not a match for the Volvo. It runs on a powerful and reliable Cummins engine that builds up 285 bhp as opposed to the Volvo's 290 bhp and the coach itself is comfortable. The Volvos may handle better, but that is to be confirmed by drivers. I think the first player always has an advantage. Like Hero Honda in two wheelers, where in spite of bringing quality four strokes other players are no match for the sales of Hero Honda. It is because of a mindset that comes into being when someone does something good for the first time in a market.sadsack2011-03-13 06:55:02
  9. I am wondering if an all new car only for the Indian market is a viable proposition economically and if a relatively inexpensive Mercedes is made, would that not affect its brand value?
  10. Thanks Tejas Mehta. The car looks nice but not significantly different from the existing Manza. (I hope I have this right, otherwise apologies) claims that the Elan is only replacing the Aura+ model. If that is true then does it mean that Elan is only a trim level?
  11. Oh, sad for me, I seemed to have missed the pictures of the new Manza Elan.
  12. Why does it so happen that just a membership on a forum entitles people to say senseless things?
  13. The Ritz being the fastest to reach the 1 lakh mark in its category reminds me of the LML scooter ads of many, many years ago. They advertised their scooters as the largest selling scooters in India, with blinkers.