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  1. Dear Rohan, I would like to share my practical experience with you , if you ever plan to book a Honda City Car. Never Book a Honda City Car. We have booked our Honda City Car through Arya Honda, Mumbai in December 2013. We paid a sum of 51,000 Rupees in order to Book our car, the CVT Model, White Colour. Arya Honda Committed to us that we shall get a delivery of our car in February. "Sir the Deliveries of Diesel Model will begin from January & petrol from february & Since you have booked well in advance in the last week of February you shall get the delivery" This was a lie. When we contacted Arya Honda in February they said by the end of February We shall get the car. When we contacted in February they said that "Since the Maruti celerio is launched Honda is delaying the launch of the Petrol Model CVT so Please contact us in March end as Even Honda wants to meet it's sales target due to march end Closing" Soon March also passed. In April We were told that by 2nd week of April you may receive the good news. Now we get a call from Arya Honda saying that we will send somebody from our office to collect the cheque of full amount of the car and then we will keep it with us, as soon as we will see the car in the system we will deposit it and will get the car delivered to you. When asked when will the car come ? Is the car ready , they reply saying that "SIR CAR IS IN TRANSIT & WE DO NOT KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE FOR YOUR CAR TO COME. ACTUALLY SIR HONDA HAS TAKEN OVER BOOKING OF HONDA CITY CVT MODEL, THEY THOUGHT DIESEL WILL BE SOLD A LOT SO THEY PRODUCED THE DIESEL IN HUGE LOTS BUT THEN WHEN THE BOOKINGS CAME IN THEY WERE OF MAXIMUM CVT MODEL , NOW HONDA IS PRODUCING THEM SO IT WILL TAKE TIME." & the Hilarious part is when the sales guy tells me "SIR GO TO ANY DEALERSHIP & ASK HOW MANY MONTHS WILL I HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE CVT AND THEY SHALL SAY SIX MONTHS , SIR YOU HAVE BOOKED IN DECEMBER , SO YOU HAVE COMPLETED FIVE MONTHS , NOW JUST ONE MORE MONTH TO GO SO HAVE PATIENCE EVERYBODY IS WAITING, IT'S NOT OUR FAULT IT'S HONDA'S FAULT" ALL THESE TAKES ARE BASELESS. Honda does not care about it's customers and the dealers are using the Honda tag line to extort money. Why was the 51,000 booking money taken in the first place ? It was for booking my car right ? So why are you asking for a cheque when my car is not even in your godown ? What are you trying to use this money for ? HONDA PLEASE ANSWER ! Honda needs to answer to all it's long waiting customers. DO NOT BOOK THE HONDA CITY OR ELSE YOU WILL CRY !
  2. Dear Autocar India Group, I have a complaint for the Audi Q5 Car which I have purchased on Saturday 2nd March 2013 My Engine Number is WAUZAD8R9DY700179 My Vehicle Registration Number is MH-02-CW-1660 On the 5th of March 2013 at Approximately 4pm, Indian Time my Audi Q5 ,car which was purchased two days ago from the Audi Mumbai West Showroom at Andheri ; Stopped in the middle of the road. The car first showed the signal of "TPMS" so we called up the toll free and they asked us to see if any of the tyre is flat, we did so and did not find any tyre flat , and then they asked us to go in the system and store the tyres, we did that too and then the car worked for a while and stopped again. This same issue had happened at 9am in the morning but we took the car immediately to a petrol station and checked the pressure of the tyres and they were fine so we left for our daily work to office. Now on my way back the car go stuck at Linking Road, Santacurz , Opposite the Vera Moda Showroom, just outside Yes Bank. This is when the whole catastrophe Begins , I called up the Toll free and registered my complaint asking them to send a tow van and a relief vehicle , so they denied for the relief vehicle and asked us to speak with the showroom itself and said a taxi has left from Santacruz Airport for us , and said that the tow vehicle is on the way and shall take approximately 1 hour, which I did but they were hesitant to provide me one. So they sent a cab in the meanwhile whose driver said he will be there from Santacruz Airport to Linking Road in 5 minutes !!!. But he arrived an hour late which is practical in Mumbai traffic , but how can someone give false promises. Even the Toll free people were saying " Sir he will reach in 10 minutes. Audi should learn that Mumbai is a congested city and to travel a distance of even 5 kms takes more than 30 minutes during rush hour, the cab took an hour to reach my destination in the meanwhile the car showroom Audi Mumbai West had also arranged a relief vehicle Audi Q5 for us. I would request Audi to make sure that the co-partners of even the tow companies are well trained and organised. The person who had come to take charge of my car had no Uniform, no sort of any paper , his helmet was broken and his shirt's buttons were open. I called up the toll free requesting them to send someone sensible whom we could trust handing over our car to so they said they will do so but that same fellow went back and came again with a booklet where he made us sign assuring he worked as a partner with Audi. I had a terrible experience with Audi, & I would request an explanation for whatever happened directly from the company as my vehicle is just two days old. I hope I do not have to suffer anymore with Audi. I assure if I do not get a positive feedback , I will never recommend anybody to buy an Audi car and will right away sell off the vehicle as soon as it comes back from the Audi workshop back to the dealer and request the dealer for a new car replacement. Audi is spoiling its name, they should also check their dealerships as to how was the car delivered to me by Audi Mumbai West without being properly checked. A replacement of the car should be given to me . I had trusted the brand blindly and bought the car and my entire family is disappointed we look for a strong reply from the company , with a replacement option. In India the cars are expensive, we work hard to pay the price , over which even the government has increased the price of SUV cars. I want Justice. Audi replied back saying that it was a "minor fault in the actuator" This is a manufacturing defect and they should consider a replacement. The Audi group people came to my office and just offered me a two years extension of warranty. Is that the way AUDI works ? The Audi people even mentioned in the discussion that " EVEN MARUTI TOOK 20 YEARS TO SETTLE IN INDIA SO EVEN AUDI IS LEARNING FROM MISTAKES AND WILL TAKE TIME " IS AUDI DOING ME A FAVOUR ? IS AUDI DOING RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ON OUR HARD EARNED MONEY ? I demand Audi to replace my vehicle.