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  1. hey thanks for feed back, have bought ford figo last month .. was more excited to share that your interest in ecosport was nice inspiration to look forward and do bit rnd . Thanks to that rnd i am in final round of ecoport urban discoveries and have a chance to drive the beauty ecosport fro 21 days =)) to know more about our experience please follow us at
  2. @librankur..beat it bit cramped for me, thgt y thinking about sail- uva. @CarCrazyASTL... how difficult is to maintaining ~ ford~ cars and service ?? eco sport is definitely tempting =)
  3. hi Looking for easy to maintain diesel car with good performance Whats your Budget - Rs 06.00L- 7L Kms driven monthly - 1250kms Bodyshell - Hatch/ SUV/ MUV City/Highway split - 80:20 Max No.of Passengers - 1 most of the time Boot space Importance - ______ medium Usage by - __________________ Enthu/Lady Ownership - _________________City Safety - _____________________High Prime requirement - Ride/ Handling/Looks/performance Softcorner'd Manufacturer – maruti/ chev Previous car- wangon r Timeline -now or max by may '2013 Have sort listed ford figo/ sail- uva/i20/swift Also please should I go already integrated music or should I add on later as I m music buff. thanks =)