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  1. Hi Raajesh, Yes that would be me I guess. Viper
  2. Hi Guys, @ Cyrus & Torque - Chill out guys lets not make this into Bangy vs Mumbai thingy. Cyrus you need to diffuse matters being a Mod and not flare things up. @ Torque - Yes the white B16 city is mine. Viper
  3. Hi, Last year they both clocked early 14's total time at the Speed Run 2008. Both cars have gone thru serious upgrades thereafter but unfortunately have not yet been officially timed. Guess would be somewhere in the late 12's early 13's. Maybe faster for the 350+hp car Viper
  4. Bingo, Am referring to the B16A swaps which are also turbo charged. Viper
  5. Hi Torque, If you are referring to Hondas with the original engines modified then you are right, but else I stand by my statement. Am referring to 2 engine swapped and turbocharged Honda's one of which puts out about 275+WHP and the other which put out in excess of 350+ WHP(wheel horse power) both of which are from Mumbai. Also please note that for actual consideration you have to factor in cars which are fast on a daily basis i.e street trim and not those eqipped with NOS which is not safe to hit on the streets. Viper
  6. Guys, You can buy new engines from dealers but they will prove to be really expensive as they are not generally sold as engines and you have to buy most of the parts separately What most people do is buy the engines from scrap yards and overhaul/rebuild them + modify them further cost of which is still far cheaper than buying a new one from a company. Viper
  7. Hi Guys, Can someone confirm if Speed Run 2009 happening or not and if it is then when. Viper
  8. Hi Guys, If its Hondas or Lancer's then it has to be Mumbai only. Banglore has the maximum no of Maruti/Suzuki's be it zens, esteems or baleno's. Can also say that the 2 fastest Honda City's in India are from Mumbai. Viper
  9. viper

    Engine Remaps

    Hi, There is another company as well who offers remaps for all Indian cars(most) and foreign cars irrespective of the fact that they are petrol or diesel unlike the others who offer remaps mainly for Euro Cars. The company is well established and renowned in the tuning scene. Giving below the link to his website. Am using the same on my Turbo Charged B16A and can say that is far better and reliable than the Race Dynamics ECU which I removed from my car. Viper
  10. Post Deleted. FuelRunGod2008-03-08 04:58:15
  11. EDIT - I did 14.66 ET and Jitu did 14.12.
  12. Hi Guys, Would like to narrate below my experience of this years Speed Run organised by Zapp. Friday 29th February 2008 - Drivers Briefing We were told to reach the venue at 5.00pm sharp and most of reached a wee bit earlier due to the enthusiasm and wanted to get it over with asap. In all fairness almost all the organisers were present there at the scheduled hour, and we were all kept waiting outside for 2 main reasons 1> No power in the auditorium & 2> Dockets not available from Autocar. They blame the delay on traffic jams caused by a certain VIP's wedding at the adjacent Racecourse. Once the dockets arrived at approx 7.45 pm there was utter chaos and they tried to let people go inside in a orderly fashion, with no success. The briefing was a sham all of 2 mins and then we were told that all dockets had not come and that we would have to go the Autocar office to collect them. I think around 40-50 guys came to the Autocar office waiting for the organisers to return from the briefing. I managed to leave by 11.30pm(early as I knew the guys) the rest waited for god knows how long. Day I - Khargar Pit lane was more organised than last year and we managed to get our cars scrutinised in the scheduled time frame. All events were running approx 3-4 hours late as per the reasons already explained by F50. What was upsetting was the I care a damn attitude by the organisers. The Zapp team was given a private enclosure outside of the pitlane and all their team members, helpers etc etc were having a field day walking in & out of their paddocks and onto the staging area as if they owned the place and that no rules/security checks were applicable to them. Thanks to Sam I spent most of Day I in the VIP stands. Day II - Race Day Reached the venue at 8.00 am as told only to see chaos. As expected the track was not handed over in time. All events were again approx 2 hours late. I managed to bag 2nd place in the Street Stock 1651-2050 CC Category driving Vikram18's Civic and had some pretty good runs in my B16a as well. We were told to line up for our practice run at 3.00pm in the staging area and just as we were to start the big boss decides he wants to drive so everyone else is kept waiting like *****. He did about 5-6 runs in his 4 diff cars and then the organisers decide they want to run the foreign bikes. We were kept waiting in the staging area for about 2 hours. Whenever GS came on track there were like 60-70 of his guys forming a cordon even messing around with the security and treating everyone like ****. All rules were broken(cigarette smoking in the staging area/venue, drinking beer in the staging area to name a few. This has left almost everyone who attended/participated pissed of and I for one am shooting of a letter to Autocar. As far as my run in the B16 goes I was informed by the Tbhpians in the stand that I clocked 15.12 ET in the practise run and Jitu did 17.725. In the final run I think I beat Jitu but timing was not registered due to some error in the machine and we had to do a re-run. In the re-run I did a 14.12 Et and Jitu 14.66 ET (not bad considering i got my car TC'd and up and running in 4 days flat with zero experience driving such a powerful car for the first time on track). I was extremely pleased as I expected the difference to be greater. Viper PS - All times mentioned above to be verified as this is what I was informed by the Tbhpians in the stand.
  13. Hi, Do you have any manuals for Honda cars. Looking for a manual for a 2.4l Accord 2004 model, 2002 OHC Vtec model and manual for a B16A specifically engine wiring diagrams & colour code charts with ECU pinouts. Viper
  14. Hi guys, The projector light setup for Swift & L.E.D. Type tail lights (set of 4) will cost you Rs15k in Mumbai. Viper