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  1. So anybody who can help me here. Wat software is used in making wireframe diagrams from pics?
  2. Thanks Vibhor, can i have some of the wireframes of superbikes. and Hogslayer, Well i emaild the autocar editor, lets see what he replies. What i want is the name of the software, i don't wish to steal somebody elses pics, Just wanna make some of my own. Thanks again guys
  3. Thanks guys, so anyone know how its done. The thing is I do the same thing on my computer using the software Corel Draw and Corel Trace but its a very long process. Any faster and effective ways of doing it? Hope Mr. Potdar don't mind sharing his secret...
  4. In the Autocar Magazine after every bike/car test there's a Wireframe diagram picture of Bikes and Cars. I want to know who does it and how it is done?