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  1. log onto and search for Manza....voila - what do you get? the test site for the indigo manza - complete with pictures, specifications and variants. Only the price is missing
  2. How can a car that is not even available to the general public be crowned COTY? Either the criteria is crap or there's something fishy here. Mind you, at no point am I questioning the car itself, but the process itself!
  3. the current verna has too many things left out - Climate Control, Airbags, ABS etc. They ought to make these features standard and offer it at the same price point - then watch the fun as a Verna Diesel and a Honda City will be in the same price bracket - only difference being the Verna has the wonderful Diesel engine!
  4. I think its a factor of a. Boxy styling b. Perceived (or real) cost cutting to keep the price low c. Price I know at least 3 people who have considered and rejected the Logan since it was always touted as a 'bare bones' car from Renault. After all, would you want to buy something that is sold as 'Cheap' - however cheap it might eventually be?
  5. Are they anywhere close to launching the facelift or just teasing us with news every now and then?
  6. Awesome pictures. Hope they launch the i20 at a decent price with all features as mentioned intact. Then Hyundai will have a hit on its hand!
  7. I would have expected Honda to atleast give Climate control and Alloys at this price. The Fit / Jazz (hatchback version of our city) starts at $15,000 (INR650,000), so for Honda to add INR 350,000 to the on road price for a boot is a asking for a huge premium. I think Honda will be able to charge a premium till the day Toyota launches a competing product at Rs800,000 on road with the same features. And of course, till the day all auto magazines keep heaping praise on Honda for a 'VFM' product OT - Whatever happens to the Verna ? It'll get killed !
  8. Wait for the Indica. Newer design will be the primary factor for waiting. Since it's new and will be sold in EU, it's likely to have good fit and finish and safety gadgets as well.
  9. Bottom line is that we are getting ripped off on a regular basis by practically every manufacturer! And sorry to say this, but the magazines which review these products or their pricing are not objective either and give u a completely lopsided picture. For ex: I havent heard anyone saying the Civic is expensive. On the contrary, its allegedly VFM!
  10. Tushky seems to have abandoned Team-BHP for AutocarIndia? anyways, the indigo looks cool!
  11. Both ABS and Airbags are needed as mandatory fitment on every car. BTW, i read in team-bhp that Tata is going to make both standard fitment on its cars shortly with a nominal price increase. If that happens, expect every manufacturer to follow suit
  12. Please check the new Indigo's rear bumbers - they too hardly protrude more than a couple of inches from the body. I guess this is common in most cars - specially in the front these days (Swift, i10 etc)
  13. Karnataka governor has recently got a bullet proof Amby, previously it was an old Mercedes. As far as I know, there is a limit of 9 lakhs for buying a new car in the government, but almost every minister manages to get around that rule and buy themselves Corollas, Octavias and CR-Vs
  14. Do we have any insider from one of the auto companies who can throw more light? As far as i can see, it looks more a case of 'How much premium is the public willing to pay for this' that determines the selling price of the car rather than anything else.
  15. I read somewhere that it has the 1.4l TCIC engine from the Indigo.