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  1. Autocar team answers you just in time. Here's the comparison :
  2. The proportions looks bang in range of i20. First with Ciaz and now YRA, Suzuki is upping the ante.
  3. Super pricing by KTM ! RC390 for 2.05 L and RC200 for 1.6 L. It looks like the RC twins will get a strong start similar to Duke twins.
  4. Automated Manual Transmission or AMT looks like the flavor of the season. No sooner MSIL launches Celerio, almost every Indian manufacturer had one concept/ product ready with them. AMT isn't particularly new technology, it's clever on part of MSIL, to spot a opportunity. What Maruti Suzuki has done with Celerio, is set the stage for the struggling automatic segment in India. I consider Celerio as a very important product in the Indian automobile industry, simply because of the AMT technology. AMT can be considered as the first step into Automatic territory. Its ease of use may tempt people to go full automatics. With the rising congestion, its a boon for urban environment. Plus it's ideal for long straight highways that we have nowadays. I expect fine tuning of AMT, advancement in the technology, since it is economical than conventional ones. Just look at the 2 wheeler industry and one can understand how big the automatic market is. People just swear by the ease of use.
  5. Suzuki showcased Swift DJE at the Tokyo motor show. DJE comprise of regenerative braking and start - stop technology, which results in 1.2 litre petrol delivering 26.4 kmpl. Also there is color changing speedometer which changes color depending on the throttle response.
  6. 5 years, and it just feels yesterday! When R 15 and Fz were showcased at the 2008 Auto show, all the attention was towards the track focused R 15! I must admit, it was R 15 which garnered my attention. Although Fz was showcased, it played more of a side hero role. Immediately followed the spy pics. But it was then, when I saw it in person, it looked a bit small, and realized, riding 30 kms+ a day would be a task. By the time R 15 was launched, spy pics of Fz started rolling, and the first pic that I saw, was that of rear three quarters! Boy, the massive rear tyre, my eyes popped out. It looked like a bike of quarter litre (and above) category. Those beefy looks were just mesmerizing. I just kept tracking all the development. And then came the launch day. I usually research a lot, the same I did while buying the bike, but it was simply heart over head this time. I was truly smitten by its persona! For me it was a perfect bike, healthy spec sheet, superb quality, and the icing on the cake was the pricing. My bike was amongst first few in the city, I enjoyed every bit of attention, and till this day it has the same charm. The quality of bike is top notch, the parts have aged well. It's commendable that the bike has held its own in these 5 years. There is simply no competition, Honda has tried twice, but didn't succeed. For quite a some time it was the bread winner for Yamaha, and still moves decent numbers. It had its little niggles over the period of time, but once you are smitten, you just let it pass. I won't mind Yamaha continue with this timeless design for 5 more years, all I wish was a little more power!
  7. This may be refreshed Rodeo! We can't rule out a new product name. The headlamp looks awfully oversized! Mahindra isn't paying as much attention to the 2 wheeler unit.
  8. Since the length of engine bay looks similar to regular Wagon R, diesel is out of question. Look closely at the third row, there is no boot space! So its difficult to say whom MSIL will target if they decide to bring it here ( which looks quite improbable to me right now) . Intracity cab, I guess !
  9. The design is absolutely disgusting. Looks like some cheap add on kit. http://indianautosbl...a-ZMR-front.jpg Pic courtesy :
  10. The dual clutch gearbox will ensure high sticker price. Manual gearbox will be saner option. Anyways there are very few takers for the petrol variant, it won't matter much.
  11. In the form of Grand, Hyundai has given Swift a real competitor. Altough Swift is a drivers car and has better engines, Grand scores up in the form better interiors and space. In city, performance hardly matters, but comfort does.
  12. I expected the Grand vs. Beat debate coming up. But I think Hyundai is squarely aiming at Swift as i20 is priced on the higher side. Beat is no competition, monthly sales clearly depict it. Also Grand is more spacious, powerful and better equipped.
  13. And yes, one important point I forgot to mention: Sound insulation. This car has supreme sound insulation, best in class. The only deterrent was tyre noise. The doors are not heavy, they have the typical Japanese / Korean feel. Very good NVH levels. I expect the 0-100 dash in about 15 seconds , with better 20-60 numbers compared to competition.
  14. @VR.46 Ride was pretty sorted out. Neither mushy nor overtly stiff. Pretty much balanced, with some softer edge. @AMG1 Sorry no pics. due to time constraint and thank you for adding some in the post. @PrancingHorse Thank you. Secondly, I'm with their strategy, it gives them larger audience considering the large price bracket i10 & grand will cater.
  15. I was waiting to get my hands on the newly launched Grand i10 ! Finally got a chance yesterday. To start with, I really liked the stance, the presence of car. All modern Hyundai are smart, this looks the most matured. The headlamps are contemporary, the grill is the focal point, the face looks similar to Eon, but without the quirkiness. Move to the side and here you will notice, that the Grand has grown bigger compared to i10. The shoulder line looks smart, there is no unnecessary fussiness. Move to the back, this is best designed part, it looks so fresh ! All these years, right from the first gen santro (barring Xing) it felt like the designer forgot to design the rear, but this time the slab like rear is gone. Move inside and you will be greeted with smart airy cabin. The use of colors is good, and as always, the quality of materials is A grade for its class. Front seats are fairly comfortable and adequate in size. They are certainly not sofa-like as in Swift, but still adequate in terms of bolstering. Move to the rear bench and you are greeted with plenty of legroom. As in every Hyundai, thigh support is on lower side, still better than the likes of Verna. Where Grand will score over its nemesis is the use of space, the roomy and airy cabin. That's its selling point. Crank up the engine, and there is the diesel clatter! The 3-pot is smooth, but not the most refined, when you compare it with similarly priced four cylindered. On the move its not sprightly, there is a bit of turbo lag say up to 1500 rpm. Its not as easy to drive as Figo, neither it goes berserk like Swift, its more like middle of the road. What has improved is the ride and handling department! The mushy feeling in the rear bench is gone. There is more feel to the steering, it weighs up as speed builds up, a huge improvement over last generation. Overall its a really good product, its got a nice feel to it. Yes it misses out on a few points, torque figures should have been a little bit more, the headlamps should have had a more character. But these certainly are not deal breakers, one can live with it. Thumbs up to Hyundai!
  16. Its almost 5 years, phew, time flies by! One thing I can assure you, the quality of bike is top notch. No rattles, even after riding the bike on plenty of bad roads. Paint quality still holds good. I've changed the rear tyre to Contigo as mentioned earlier, I'm not too happy with the grip. Its a pretty hard wearing tyre, will take some time to wear out. Plus the high side walls produce slight vibes at slow speed. Apart from that bike is running fine. A piece of advice for future fzians, the ride is pretty stiff on bad roads, either be ready for it, or compromise the handling and soften the rear shock absorbers. I wish the bike had a little more power, because bike isn't economical anyway
  17. It's been 4 years . Time flies by ! But the love for my bike is same , I may say . I think , I can share with everyone about the bike , as much as I can . Lets start with replacements . The chain set has been replaced , and so are the tyres . The rear one is the 140/70 ContiGo now. I may say that the grip levels don't match that of MRF Revz . But the cushioning is better . One strange problem I'm facing is , when the tyre pressure go up a little bit , at a particular speed , vibes are creeping in . Need to show it to the service center . If somehow MRF is able to increase the life of tyre , I'll always prefer the Revz for the grip levels . Another problem that the Fz riders , is that , the ride is a bit harsh . The suspension can be set soft , and I'm going to soften the springs and see is there any relief . No matter it's going to affect the handling . But for urban commuting , I think ride is more important . Secondly , I have to work on the front springs , as there is persistent problem of oil leakage . And I think the same problem has been faced by some other riders . The paint finish still pretty fresh , the panels still hold pretty well , and the economy stands around 40 KMPL . That's it !
  18. Here is the interior pic of Thailand spec Amaze !
  19. Mahindra has launched its seven-seater Quanto mini-SUV in four trims – C2, C4, C6 and C8 - with a starting price of Rs 5.82 lakh, going up to Rs 7.36 lakh for the top-spec C8 variant. The mini-SUV is powered by a modified version of the mHawk diesel engine called mCR100. This 1493cc unit puts out 98.6bhp and 24.4kgm of torque mated to a five-speed gearbox. Mahindra has said that another more powerful 4-cylinder engine variant is on the cards, which could be offered with 4x4. The Quanto uses the same ladder-frame construction as the Xylo. The top-of-the-line C8 variant gets alloy wheels, power windows, a sleek Digital Drive Assist System (DDAS), driver seat height adjust, body coloured bumpers, electric wing mirrors and an integrated audio system with CD, MP3 and radio. It also gets a rear defogger, ABS, front airbags (driver and passenger), fog lamps and a reverse parking sensor. The C6 trim is also similarly specced, only losing out on alloy wheels, the reverse parking sensor and airbags. Mahindra’s Micro Hybrid technology will be available on all variants except for the bottom-spec C2 trim. Mahindra has launched the Quanto across 200 dealerships in India. The company has made overall investments of less than Rs 100 crore in developing the Quanto. Mahindra will have a flexible production capacity of 7000 units per month between the Xylo and Quanto. Mahindra is offering the Quanto with a 2 years/50,000km warranty as standard. Mahindra has said that the Quanto could possibly be exported to markets like Europe, South Africa and Chile with the possibility of going to other markets as the product matures. Prices: Quanto C2: Rs 5.82 lakh Quanto C4: Rs 6.35 lakh Quanto C6: Rs 6.86 lakh Quanto C8: Rs 7.36 lakh (ex-showroom, Thane)
  20. Some more pics. in the Fiesta Blue color . It looks like Figo will wear the family look . In this color it looks quite similar to Fiesta . Source :
  21. I'm just baffled by the decision of Yamaha for targeting just girls with a product which wont look bad on boys . Leaving aside the shades , the design of Ray is brilliant , has a youthful tone . Employing women in almost every procedure is no doubt a good move . But just tagging Ray as a girls scooter may leave a bad taste . Yamaha had a few examples infront of it , Kinetic ( Mahindra ) Flyte and Hero Honda ( Hero ) Pleasure . Both targeted towards fairer sex , didn't fly of the shelves . Lets take the Flyte first . Kinetic could have targeted college students with it . My sis owns one , and I can tell you its quite a package . Zippy engine , compact body and good brakes . Still , you see the results . Second , the Pleasure . A Honda Activa clone , could have done wonders for Hero , just because of Hero badge . But the Boys kept away from it . There is high percentage of urban youth which start of with an automatic scooter . In addition to it , the growing trafic favors the automatic scooters . So there is a huge market for scooters . Auto makers shouldn't tag themselves to a particular audience . It will be really interesting to see the market reaction , after the initial hype fades . Your take !
  22. More details :7.1PS at 7500rpm and 8.1Nm of torque. Torque should be excellent from the under square engine and the peak torque is at a low 5000rpm. The company claims a 0-60kmph time of 12s and a fuel efficiency of 62.1kmpl.
  23. Well , 46 K is a good pricing ! Considering Yamaha quality , it will be steller product . My only grouse , its aimed at girls . The same move hit Pleasure and Flyte badly .
  24. 3 door UP spotted testing in Pune . Courtesy :
  25. Again the number 2 spot changed hands . From Webber to Vettel to now Hamilton . And surprise surprise , Kimi isn't far away . Now that the European leg is over , it will be interesting to see how ferrari does in the asian and american arena , and can Alonso hold the advantage !