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  1. Hi telectroguy, even i was concerning very much like u but finally i bought FZ, i m very happy with it. it is comfortable. I extensively read all post regarding height and i came to know that, even a person with height 6'2" has bought FZ, when u ride it u'll feel it bigger bcoz of its tank, ride p200 imediately after that it will feel smaller. so, my advice is to forget p200
  2. @ pakku where did u book the bike and from which city? it seems that ur dealer is delivering ur bike earlier than other dealers..i booked mine on 3rd of this month and my dealer told me delivery would be December 1st or 2nd week..
  3. hey guys will u pls tell after seeing my photos..will this bike suits me considering my heavy physique???? photos r posted above in my threads and for comparision i've also posted photo with P200...ur review will help me to book this bike...
  4. is there..try to refresh ur browser..may be it is big in size thats y..try to refresh it..
  5. sorry for my previous attempts....could u guys tell me..should i go for FZ considering my height and built??? me on Red FZ me on P200 me on orange FZ
  6. y? i coudnt able to upload large photo...anyway trying once more time...
  7. sorry for small images.....check these me on P200 me on orange FZ16
  8. hello guys, had a busy evening today....took test rides of red FZ16 then pulsar 200...just after that...and i must say that FZ's throttle response is far better than P200...FZ's pick up is almost same in all 1,2 and 3rd knocking at low speed high gear..FZ easy pulled up..whereas p200 i am 6 feet tall and well built...can u guys review these pictures...should i go for FZ??? P200
  9. Hi tappet, Nice Review.. can u tell me is this bike will be ok for 6 feet tall person?