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  1. I am not surprised at Skoda's actions. At the price point they were selling the Laura, the Civic was beating them hollow. Now that they have woken up, lets hope they price the Fabia correctly.
  2. Well to ans Jithesh I actually spoke to two Lady Scorpio drivers and this is what thay had to say. Macho image! Steering very light and very easy to handle in the city. High seating and better view of traffic ahead. Powerful and responsive engine. Lots of respect from other car goers. Attitude!
  3. Great Jithesh, nice knowing people who appreciate old school SUV's. Absolutely spot on with the Scorpio. Let's say its the suited softer version of the jeep.
  4. I dont think the Safari is much of a Offroader, for that matter neither is the Scorpio. For serious off roading u require something like a Gypsy or the more expensive Pajero.
  5. Hopefully the new Scorpio will be out soon and we can have a shootout betn the two in Autocar!
  6. The new Scorpio will have certain advantages over the new Safari with both engines being equal at 2.2L and churning out 140bhp. Scorpio-Smaller size, less wt, turning radius, build quality.
  7. Sierra was a model whose time has come. I think it was based on some Ford model? As usual it suffered from the normal Tata problems of underpowered engine,poor reliability, bad electricals and handling. Dont think u can improve much on such a platform.
  8. Options Ford Flair. Accent. The Esteem is an ex car, though it's slightly aged. 1.3L engine is a gem(same is in Swift).
  9. Both excel in certain areas. Pros Safari-Interior space, seats, ride. Scorpio-Engine performance, Butch looks, reliability. Cons Safari-Reliability, Lacklusture engine, poor interior, quality issues, goes bust after 70,000km. Scorpio-Poor interior space, poor handling, brakes. The new 2.2L Safari if it makes up for these Cons could prove to be a competetor to Scorpio. But the Scorpio Eagle is in the pipeline too.
  10. Right. The Scorpio rolls much more than a Safari. But fitted with 16''alloys and wider 245/70 R16 tyres , the roll was less pronounced.
  11. I've used MRF ZVTS R14 175/70 and Bridgestone on my Corsa. I found MRF ZVTS much better than Bridgestone.
  12. princey


    Lets hope the original Liana comes!
  13. It's too overpriced at the value it offers. Probably will see a price slash later on.
  14. I read on Indiatimes/Wheels that price of new safari is 6.4Lac-7.33Lac(Ex showroom Delhi) Is it?
  15. U could decrease body roll by fitting in wider aspect tyres which will improve handling and make it more stable at hi speeds as well as offering better braking and ride.
  16. See if u can fit 195/70 Goodyears on 15'' alloys. That will give the car a better look and improve handling/ride/braking at the cost of a little loss in mileage which is a fair trade off.
  17. princey


    The Liana may come but only after MS has sorted out production issues of SX4 and Swift. Probably end 2008 would be a good bet.
  18. If it's diesel ur looking at Verna is good. Petrol is a close call betn SX4 and City, followed by Fiesta.
  19. Best VFM-SX4 Best Refinement-City The rest are way behind the competetion.
  20. princey


    I doubt the car shown in the link is the actual one. It probably will be a Swift with a boot?
  21. Another one- consider the Standard 2000.
  22. The Safari and Scorpio are homegrown SUVs and have run for a number of years on our roads. Both have been upgraded and improved over time and have become better. They are the best SUVs that can be bought in the sub 10Lac category. They are cheap to maintain and run and provide value for money to owners where their popularity lies. As far as buying a premium SUVs concerned, skys the limit where Lexus-BMW-MB-VW-Porshe rule.
  23. Is this the Corolla version slated to come to India? I spoke to a couple of dealers, they say the Australian verion is the one that is coming. That is the one given in Autocar and Whatcar photos
  24. I fully agree about the Safari and the Scorpio. They are both MUVs in the real sense masquerading as SUVs. But at their price points, thats just about the best u can get. Both are improving as such, but the cost factor will tend to go up too. As of now they are the best majority of Indian class SUVs, u can get for the overall package they offer at the price. And they are the vehicles ideally suited for our Indian roads.