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  1. How is the perfomance of Getz CRDi??

    ^^^^ getz crdi is taken from the verna so its not a small engine personally i would like to buy one but i wont suggest it to a friend coz it doesnt hav safety features such as abs n airbags... for crdi these shud hav been must coz the engine produces the same power as in verna 110 bhp....
  2. The Chevy Cruze Thread.

    guys wats the 0-100 time for cruze i browsed n found its dng it in 9.8 secs its the same as the magnum but magnum is only 120bhp n cruze 150bhp so the cruze shud be faster is it due to the weight or any other reason???
  3. rusted discs

  4. rusted discs

    help needed guys i have bought a optra magnum lt version a month ago it was travelling in rain for most of the time. i noticed the discs all got rusted and i am not able to know how and why its a new car n rust on the discs is sumthing i didn expect. before the magnum i used a corsa for past 7 yrs and i didn see its discs getting rusted. when ever i am braking it hard sum sound is comind and i am not confident about its braking it has abs and my stupid driver is saying its normal. how can this be normal? abs is meant to be helpful even in rains na what should i go guys. throw some light on this prob. NOTE FROM ADMIN: PLEASE DO NOT POST IN SMS LANGUAGE. IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN ON THIS FORUM.CYRUS432009-09-04 16:58:57
  5. Octavai Diesel or Optra Magnum Diesel?

    octavia magnum 89@4000 bhp 121@3000 210@1900 torque 314@2125 175 top wack 185 13.6sec 0-100 10 sec 12 fe 12.8
  6. Octavai Diesel or Optra Magnum Diesel?

    here is the comparison
  7. Octavai Diesel or Optra Magnum Diesel?

    ^^ wheres the bhp figure??
  8. Octavai Diesel or Optra Magnum Diesel?

    octavia tdi cant touch magnum in performance guys throw some light on this
  9. Oxymoron:Buy diesel cars to save money

    sry milage of diesel verna18> i missed 18
  10. Oxymoron:Buy diesel cars to save money

    its not true for all the cars like in verna the milage in petrol is around 11> and diesel> n diesel verna is more fun to drive. it depends from car to car n how cum u know the service cost of lines it has just released n its service intervals are longer than other diesel cars i.e after 15000
  11. Spares of older Fiats. Palio1.9/Siena,etc

    are all 1.6ltr palios sports versions i.e with 100bhp n 135nm torque
  12. are tata able to provides spares for the old fiats like fiat palio 1.9,1.2,nv........,fiat siena,adventure etc
  13. Hyundai 1.5 crdi vs Fiat 1.3 MJD which is better?

    the fully loaded swift is equally priced to the getz which doesnt even have abs and many more features but for power hungry freaks getz got a 110bhp engine which does duty in verna.Also NVH levels of getz cannot be compared to the rattling swift
  14. Cars which dont rattle ?

    no the parts r still available at decent prices but dont know for how long they will supply
  15. Cars which dont rattle ?

    @jbond GM