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  1. sorry guys for the delay in responding based upon personal experiences, test drives and your suggestions, i went for the scorpio 2.2 the main reason behind this is that the scorpio is wonderful to drive the staff at the service centre was extremely courteous when i went there for the booking and assured me the car would be ready in 10 days but to my suprise, after 7 days, i get a call from their office to inform me that my scorpio 2.2 is waiting for me! i rush to the showroom to see my scorpio all decked up with ribbons and stuff! i was told all the basic functions of the car, all my doubts were cleared the manual along with a DVD is handed over finally, the puja is done and i drive my lovely mHawk home till now, the car has covered 350 kms and i am just enjoying every bit of it im glad i went for this car and for that i am really thankful to everybody on this forum :-)
  2. thanks a lot friends for your help i also asked some of my friends and owners of these vehicles and ultimately it turned out that the mahindra is a bit more easy on the pocket even in this thread, most are voting for the scorpio personally i dont mind either as i loved and hated equally some parts in both vehicles so finally i had to choose between space/ride and engine/reliabilty of which i chose the latter talking about safety- the scorpio does not have airbags- a serious onission but then it does have rain sensing wipers and tpms which are useful frankly i dont care about the dvd screens in the safari also the scorpio is cheaper than the safari so the scorpio is going to be mine in a few days- just deciding the color- either java brown or black thanks a lot again mates
  3. thanks a lot guys for your immediate response. i took a test drive of both cars today, equally liked both. so i am not able to decide. speed, i am planning to buy the safari vx or scorpio vlx and the scorpio vlx is cheaper than the safari vx nikvint, i dint find the scorpio 2.2 noisy. it was better than the safari 2.2 raj_5004, i am not a big fan of scorpio vlx's cruise control nor safari's dvd screens. yes i do appreciate abs and automatic wipers in scorpio and airbags in safari. so features are not a priority to me. all of them said that the scorpio's handling is bad. is it true even in the 2.2 scorpio also because i read in overdrive that the scorpio's handling is better than the safari and the safari's ride is better. moreover everybody is saying that i should go for the scorpio if i drive myself. my car will be driven both by me and my driver equally.
  4. hello friends i am new to this forum. i currently own a tavera. i have planned to upgrade to an suv. the scorpio 2.2 and safari 2.2 falls within my budget but i am confused between both. i dont want the innova because i dont like its looks and i prefer an suv. before heading for a test drive, i planned to collect as much details as possible about both. please help me decide which one is the better vehicle overall.