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  1. Thanks, I have started talks with Ford dealership and inching towards closing the deal if I get good discounts...my final observations about the car before I go for it....excellent driveability, ride quality, mid variant too is well equipped BUT poor ergonomics, dull rear seats esp. the rear seat headrests are a pain...will be sitting across the table with Skoda as well....but in all probabilities....It will be the Ford Fiesta ...as my heart tells me to....
  2. Hey, thanks so much for this...I too would be tilting towards NFF..but one more thing which baffles me is I hardly see any NFFs on the road. While there are lots of Skoda Rapids to be seen on road. One major factor could be pricing, but then if Vento Diesel are seen on road I would have expected to see some Fiestas too on road...strangely not at all to be seen on roads....Apologies for bringing in a Vento into the story but just for the price factor !!!
  3. Hello I m going for a diesel sedan...and the final selection I have got to is new Ford Fiesta Diesel and Skoda Rapid Diesel. My usage is a mix of 80% city driving plus 20% of outstation driving. While I have been driving Ford Ikon for 10 years previously, I feel the new Fiesta is overpriced. I have liked the Skoda Rapid overall but am too much worried about the after sales services. Owners dread sending thier Skodas for Rapid...has this changed or still the same. Help me please with choosing between these.