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  1. Hey mate. When a company does a recall... Theyre being honest and admittin a fault. Theyre only making sure that they fix it right. Its always better to go for a brand that does a recall and rectifies the probs rather than a brand that doesnt accept its faults (which makes it more risky)... voila no recalls... Cheers!
  2. Pers


    Bro... The Civic Type R sedan is out too... its been on sale in Japan for a couple of months now...
  3. Who gonnna be driving Ford at the Cork Rally - Ireland... I love all alphalt rallies
  4. Who gonna win the Cork rally?
  5. Will he be champion this yr? any bets? hehe
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    Any temple of vtec fans here?
  7. Pers


    Honda must bring the new civic type r (sedan) to India
  8. Pers


    Hey this is for all the Honda fans...
  9. Hey! Heres a fanclub for sooper hero Loeb!