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  1. Will Maruti launch Automatic (AT) version of Ritz in May or is it slated for a later date or maruti is not going to launch AT version at all.. any info on the AT version of Maruti Ritz would be very helpful to me... kindly reply asap
  2. Hey guys any info on i20 being launched in automatic version in coming months or it is not an option for hyundai
  3. any body having any idea of i20 being launched in Automatic version and when would that be.
  4. the 4 speed Auto Transmission will be launched in A-Star or Splash... any clarity on this ?
  5. Hey good to see... MSIL taking out such a Jazzy car... but the specifics talk nothing of AT version to give i10 AT run for its money... Hope so it will take out in near future... it makes sense to take out AT version in India because i am sure they will do it for European & other outside India markets... anyways good show by MSIL.. lets wait and watch how this car figures out among indian people.... Now after A-Star has been launched with such pomp and show.. its time to move forward on other topics like Splash and Jazz (Honda) with same enthu as we did it for the sporty A-star... wat say ppl?
  6. Heah Vibhs... u have written that A-Star will be launched in 4 AT Version as well... is that for Indian markets or European markets...?
  7. i think A/T cars are boon for cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.... i think they should be promoted more than what they are as of now
  8. ok... thanks for info Vibs... A-star A/T may be launched later on if it will ever be launched.... but what about SPLASH.... any definite info about its A/T version to be launched by Maruti... i really do not get it that why Maruti is so hesitant in launching A/T vehicles
  9. will Maruti A-Star be launced in automatic variant.... if not then will splash come out with such kind of a variant