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  1. Naveen Thanks for info.i might go in for Bridgestone as well.My first option was Michelin Xm1+ but its not easy to find the dealers. hows the rid with the Bridgestone.I am looking at comfort as the main criteria and least noise from the tyres at high speeds. Guys,your suggestions are also counted. Thanks Keshav
  2. Hi Guys....Does anyone have the list of dealers for Michelin in Chennai. I am looking for 175/65 14" Tubeless for my ford ikon 1.6 NXT Please give me the details and also the price of XM1+ tyres if you have it Thanks Keshav
  3. The exact size of the Tyres i had in mind is 175/65 Michelin XM1 14" Regards
  4. Greetings is Keshav. I am new to the forum. I own a ford ikon 1.6 Nxt Exi.Company fitted 14" 5 spoke alloys.I ned to change my tyres soon.Thinking of the Michelin XM1 's. Can anyone tell me the average price for 4 tyres and also contacts for the Dealer. Please specify the best price i can negotiate for. Regards
  5. Hello Guys.i am new to this forum...i keep following it but replying for teh first time..... The linea looks hot.if its got an engine like the Palio 1.6GTX and decent mileage,it shd sell..... Provided Tata doesnt over shadow it.with the Indigo or indigo XL