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  2. CC Stands for Cubic centimetre. It is a unit of volume. 'cc' denotes nothing other than the size of the engine - specifically the sum of the volume of each cylinder in an engine. 1l(litre) = 1000cc So a 1.2l engine has a size of 1200cc. Exact size may be something like 1189cc or 2020cc. They are rounded up to the nearest full. Therefore it follows that the bigger the cc, the bigger the volume of fuel that enters the cylinder during the suction stroke. The more fuel you burn at a time, the more power you're going to get because of the corresponding power stroke. There was an old American saying "There just ain't no substitute for cc". I suppose that makes sense when you look at American muscle car engines. Take the Dodge Viper for instance, it takes an 8.3l v10 to come up with 550bhp whereas Ferrari needed just 4.5l and a V8 to generate about 540bhp. It's not absolutely necessary that a smaller size engine make less power than a bigger one as the smaller could always employ forced induction, sophisticated timing, better construction and so on to get the most out of the fuel.
  3. Very clean and slick looking machine. Also, can't help but notice the similarities between the W01 and the F10. Particularly their rear solutions (aero and packaging). Both have a smaller version of the 'shark fin' (as compared to Mclaren, Sauber, Renault, Torro Rosso) . Front wings are all but similar. Maybe a little to early to say for sure but Merc and Ferrari seem to be on the same page as far as interpretation (of 2010 rules) is concerned. (that is comforting in some ways if you're a Ferrari fan) Can't wait to see what Red Bull comes up with? To Mods: How about merging all the launch threads into one. This year has too many teams.
  4. Mercedes GP rolled out their new MGP W01 in the Valencia pit lane on Monday morning, just moments before pre-season testing got underway. The team's new challenger, which will be raced by seven-time World Champion Michael Schumacher and his German compatriot Nico Rosberg, features the silver livery that the team unveiled at Merc's museum last week. However, it's the design of the car that has caught the attention of those present. The W01 incorporates an unusual version of the V-nose configuration, not only is it extremely slim but there is also a slight dip in the middle. The shark finn engine cover is also different to any seen so far this season. Unlike the Ferrari it is not a rounded hump and unlike the McLaren it is a straightline extending to the rear wing. Instead, it takes the shape of the Ferrari but the sharp lines from the McLaren. Rosberg will be the first of the Mercedes GP driver to try out the new car as he's been handed the honour of completing the morning session at Valencia. He will, however, hand over to Schumacher before the day is done.
  5. link - Hot on the heels of Ferrari, McLaren presented their 2010 car to the world on Friday, when the MP4-25 was unveiled at the UK headquarters of sponsors Vodafone. The team hope the new machine will maintain their strong momentum from the latter part of 2009 and put them firmly back in title contention. With its dramatic looking engine-cover fin, the car will bear the prestigious number one, thanks to reigning world champion Jenson Button joining McLaren from the former Brawn team to partner fellow Briton - and 2008 champion - Lewis Hamilton.
  6. She' gorgeous. Hope she's as fast as she looks. Changing wallpaper now........... Can't wait for Feb 1. Forza Ferrari!
  7. Where the hell are all the members? A sneak preview was organised for Autocar forum members on Thursday. You know whenever you get too close (like 15 feet) to any Exotic, there's a big, katharnak looking, moustached muscle man waiting to squeeze the juices out of you. And so your reduced to sighing from afar. But on Thursday he lifted the barrier (separating the public from the GTR, Carrera 4S and new Z4) and said "This way Sir". I can't remember exactly what happened in the next hour or two - it's all a blur. Vague images flooding through my head - the start button on the GTR.... Sport mode in the 911.... the LP's rev. counter.... that one Very cute showgirl who wouldn't stop smiling... All I have now is a memory of childlike happiness. A few pics on flickr. Search for sherman_612 at yahoo co in. Filter by people. Enjoy. D.
  8. So is today confirmed guys? Sports bar @ Phoenix Mills @ 7?
  9. Domenicali: "Alonso, the right choice for the future" Maranello, 30 September 2009
  10. It's finally official. No more speculation. Alonso to replace Kimi from 2010 in a 3 year deal. He will team up with Felipe Massa. (who btw continues to improve and is already back to karting) Forza Felipe. Forza Fernando. Forza Ferrari. Bring on 2010. link (
  11. I've got a swift vdi and a 10 yr old indica which i affectionately refer to as "Death Trap"
  12. Ugly. That rear wing is just wrong. Dont care much for the front wing either. Love the slicks tho
  13. Wassup to all. This is Sherman from Mumbai. I'm an engineer (automobile), car nut, driving enthusiast, hardcore tifoso, lambo lover, f1 fanatic, metalhead, headbanger and just psychotic in general. Looking forward to some good times here. Cheers.