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  1. i am sorry for the mistake sir. replying after many days as i was busy with my exams. @bluesaphire it was a company owned vehicle. the cars are in town for being diplayed in the showroom.
  2. tata nano spotted on road in ahmedabad Source: The Automotive India Forum im_hummer_freak2009-04-02 10:04:20
  3. according to your needs Captiva suits you best. its practical, comfortable, refined and good looking. its not even huge like the endeavour and not outdated like the pajero. plus pajero has quality and service problems like many said. CRV and Outlander are out of your list for they are only 5 seater. So Captiva should serve you right.
  4. pajero is a true off roader. rest are all civilized.
  5. Jaipur city famous for Vintage cars will be host to a vintage car rally soon. Around 100 vintage cars are expected to participate this year as last year the number was 80. On 7th February these cars will be on display at Hotel Jaymahal Palace. And on 8th February the rally will move towards MI Road, then Chaura Rasta, Badi Chaupad, Aamer,and then passing Shivvilas will end at Hotel Clark Aamer. Hoping to see Aero Model 1949, Austin Saloon T20-1933, Dodge Kingsway-1956, Austin-10-1947,etc. As luckily i am in Jaipur these days. I will try covering the event. Are there any other members from Jaipur?
  6. yes i agree with nikvint. the problem of noisy diesel that naveen04in is talking about was faced in early indica's. the new vista has a very refined engine. i think vista is best for you. as for the looks, i am sure vista's looks will grow on you slowly. go and test drive one. good day.
  7. @naveen04in if your monthly running is more than a 1000kms olny then go for a diesel. as for which car to buy. you don't have any other option below 5lacs other than indica if you need diesel. if you want to save on fuel you can also check out wagonR duo. go for a second hand diesel only if you it is from a known source.
  8. hyundai verna and fiat linea both for performance and comfort. but i am not sure about after sales service provided by fiat. ford fiesta fun to drive.
  9. 5.1 lacs on road in Noida by Nimbus Hyundai. (source:t-bhp)
  10. i agree with vineet Beige interiors with designer beige seats Wood garnish, dual tone front panel Keyless entry Tilt steering Leather wrapped steering wheel & gear knob Central Locking Power windows Fog lamps (offered by dealer) 2+2 year warranty (again dealer offer) Tubeless tyres All at 5.1 lac onroad in noida make Accent Exec a mouth watering deal.
  11. yeah the wagonR is very narrow and good for seating only 4 in comfort, although five can be accomadated like in an autorikshaw. i've not seen the interiors of newer wagonR so cant comment, but as the dimensions are still narrow, it is bound to be having same problems.
  12. well. this has happened with me.. i bothered about the injured, even though it wasnt my fault. and yes i was beaten by around 60-70 people. but fortunately i was able to convince them to let me take the injured to the hospital first and then beat me later.he he.but later everyone was calm and yes i am alive. and i dont regret my act of staying there for help one bit.
  13. pulsar feels comfortable on long drives. tail is not very stable at high speeds on the pulsar 150. in city traffic it is stable. but as thackervijay also mentioned the pulsar is now too common with its common problems. Fz is more refined and powerful than the pulsar. fresh styling and fresh brand.and you never know when bajaj would come up with another upgraded pulsar making you feel more outdated with the current pulsar. FI wont be make much of a difference. but yes if you are too keen on FI, the pulsar will show a slightly better figures in efficiency. so my choice would be the FZ16.go test drive both of them and the bike will select the rider.
  14. yes! those seats are really comfy!! even for long journeys