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  1. yup u can hav it. u want darker yellow or green tints or light ones??
  2. Hey bluesapphire again ur car
  3. Lancer Evo 8 converted to Lancer Evo 7 LAncers
  4. Tinted the mirrors jet black Custom Made Rear Bumper Alto also black tints
  5. My Frnd's Santro Modded - Sideskirts, TSW Rims, K&N Sticker, Smokeddd out tailights, and Carbon Fibre gas tank cap... PLssss guys dont put this car in ur profile like on Orkut's Album, etc. etc. thank you CYRUS432009-03-22 19:32:40
  6. can anyone tell me , if i want to get those chrome strips on my car , like on silver santro, what shud i say to the shopkeeper - that whats the price of chrome strips???
  7. Wagonr modified My frnd's Santro Modified Santro Modified
  8. nice works on skyline cyrus.... well i also try to modify my cars, i usually do it with normal white paper, and then cutting them and pasting onto my car, i will upload pics of honda city and alto on which i did black tint on the windows, and on swift i did the trunk blak....
  9. Hii guys , i saw this innova on road. well its nice, sorry i couldnt capture its pic, saw on pankha road...
  10. hey , can u also tell me the prices of Hella (rectangle) foglamps, and normal rounded or rectangle foglamps ???? and also which one to go for?