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  1. yup u can hav it. u want darker yellow or green tints or light ones??
  2. Hey bluesapphire again ur car
  3. Lancer Evo 8 converted to Lancer Evo 7 LAncers
  4. Tinted the mirrors jet black Custom Made Rear Bumper Alto also black tints
  5. My Frnd's Santro Modded - Sideskirts, TSW Rims, K&N Sticker, Smokeddd out tailights, and Carbon Fibre gas tank cap... PLssss guys dont put this car in ur profile like on Orkut's Album, etc. etc. thank you CYRUS432009-03-22 19:32:40
  6. can anyone tell me , if i want to get those chrome strips on my car , like on silver santro, what shud i say to the shopkeeper - that whats the price of chrome strips???
  7. Wagonr modified My frnd's Santro Modified Santro Modified
  8. nice works on skyline cyrus.... well i also try to modify my cars, i usually do it with normal white paper, and then cutting them and pasting onto my car, i will upload pics of honda city and alto on which i did black tint on the windows, and on swift i did the trunk blak....
  9. Hii guys , i saw this innova on road. well its nice, sorry i couldnt capture its pic, saw on pankha road...
  10. hey , can u also tell me the prices of Hella (rectangle) foglamps, and normal rounded or rectangle foglamps ???? and also which one to go for?
  11. thnx guys for ur advices @vibhor : i also believe u that high beam in foggy season is harmful..
  12. My lancers one is modded and the white one is simple
  13. sorry honda civic ki jaga Lancer daal di !!! hehe
  14. well i will say it weird !! its a green lancer lol
  15. well a nice one , getz with crazy rims (i dont like them), and swift with projector lights !!
  16. of course.well my headlights are on at that time..
  17. Hey guys , i wanted to knw some of the tips for driving in 0 visibility condition i.e. fog! Is installing Fog Lights in ur car really helps in 0 visibility condition , if yes then what is the price of fog lights and, what color of light is it >?? pure yellow?? thnx in advance !see ya!
  18. Thnx thackervijay and bluesaphire , i woud be uploading more pics of my mods