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  1. @Akshay' date=' Good chops from you there buddy. Although, do keep the cars simple. Do not include unnecessary include graphics into the ca. I just love that rear view of the EVo. Which AMG have you used for the bumper???[/quote']

     well i dont knw which amg bumper i used as i made this 1yr ago :)

  2. Hey Akshay' date='

    require K&N vinyl for my santro. The same one your friend's santro has? I stay in Rohini. Where can i get it?


    well sparco , i think u can get K&N sticker at any good accessory shop , rest i dont knw much abt these stickers..


    My Frnd's Santro



    Modded - Sideskirts, TSW Rims, K&N Sticker, Smokeddd out tailights, and Carbon Fibre gas tank cap...



    PLssss guys dont put this car in ur profile like on Orkut's Album, etc. etc.

    thank you
    CYRUS432009-03-22 19:32:40

  4. Hey guys ,

    i wanted to knw some of the tips for driving in 0 visibility condition i.e. fog!


    Is installing Fog Lights in ur car really helps in 0 visibility condition , if yes then what is the price of fog lights and, what color of light is it >?? pure yellow??


    thnx in advance

    !see ya!