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  1. heres what i did with opel astra original Modded (made the bodykits myself , by brushing)
  2. My car - Maruti 800 (just love it) , when i will be 18 i would definately make it a clean ride (i.e., repairing the dents and all )..... the interiors
  3. very nice pics buddy , definately they would be frnds
  4. well i hav a VW Beetle frm Maisto , got it recently, will post a pic of it soon
  5. tell me guys howz my collection?? well cyrus u really hav a good collection of scale models, can u tell me the shop frm where u buy those cars?????
  6. Honda city , lancer and alto all modded by me My garage , will be adding more cars to it
  7. wow man awesome pics , where did u captured them????
  8. i hav not counted yet hw many snaped pics i hav but an estimate woud be above 5000 pics
  9. ya i snap pics every day, when goin somewhere here and there
  10. VW Toureg Santro Xing Modified Honda City 1.5 Modified captured this one in GOA Honda City Modified (in Goa) HEY GUYS u also post some real modded cars pics !!!!
  11. again an accent modified , see that ulta spoiler
  12. okay ronit, i also dont wanna start fighting now
  13. hi guys i just wanted to knw that can i put zen's , alto's or some other car's engine in my Maruti 800 ?? well i knw u guys must be thinking that why to put a 1000cc engine in M800 , better i buy a new zen or alto etc..... but i like maruti 800 thatswhy asked ........ what all other things i hav to change in order to run it on a 1000cc engine?? how much would it cost me???
  14. thnx guys for helping , i would give him these suggestions thnx very much
  15. ya i knw , and i am having all car pics frm that website, but i dont wanna share those pics, i want to share pics which i capture ...
  16. hi frnds , well am not buying a car but my relative wants to buy in this month or next month. his requirements are : 1.A sedan car 2.range b/w 5 to 7 lakhs 3.which is low on maintanance well he was saying that he wants to buy Maruti Suzuki Dzire , but i said its not good enough frm my side , i suggested him to go for Hyundai Accent CNG, Honda City ZX, Tata Indigo am i correct to suggest him these cars ????? thnx in advance
  17. sorry that time i was not having a good camera will be posting more good pics of modified cars...
  18. hey guys i snaped this accent modified in delhi