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  1. Very much cramped from inside. Maruti really do not know space management. Where they score really over others is after sales service. If any other company provides good after sales service, it will be tough competition to Maruti. This is what Hyundai ia achieving----Hyundai is improving day by day as far as car making is concerned. (Maruti infact is deteriorated e.g. is A*) Really paying capacity of average Indian is also increasing and people realize that good things come at a good premium. Hence people should not hesitate to buy good things (say i 10, i20) as compared to Maruti, even though these are bit pricy. Infact if u take any other cars (Chevrolet, Hyundai, Honda), these are more solid built than Maruti. But its an attitude of us only (probably me too) to favour things which are cheap (neglecting quality). For given price A* is not at all a good buy---better to go for Spark (far better and cheaper) or stylish i 10 (A* is no where in its comparison). The mileage 0f 19kmpl is just a company claim---not yet proven by people on road. For all practical purposes one should be very much optimistic to get mileage more than 16 in city with A*