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  1. I'm sure everyone is exited with the Ecosport launch , since know the prices are out, can you help me know what engine they would offer in base petrol??? If it is not eco boost then the 1.5 would attract higher taxes pushing the on-road price very high! is it a publicity gimmick ???
  2. I'm sure M Suzuki wouldn't make a half hearted attempt to their bread and butter model. Since it is now borrowing the i20 inspired DRL, One can easily guess that the 2014 car can come with more kit such as 1) Auto folding Mirrors, 2) Reverse sensors/camera 3) rear disc brakes 4) maybe a variable geometry turbo from sx4/ertiga 90bhp to match the i20 in kit and performance. All i can say is that the B segment king is all set to continue to rule till the later half of this decade!
  3. This Hyundai has nice straight creases and not the fluidic silhouette but i'm sure it's a good looker. Hyundai has learnt the importance of good looks a very hard way. Good catch!
  4. even i'm little sceptical about it's launch but there's an unexplored area of "luxurious hatch". the best we have is the Honda Jazz! and then Fiat 500 and the VW beetle are poor performers! Do we have any performance Hatch? i guess there may be many people wanting a reliable, safe and good performing hatch with a budget of 10-14 lacs!
  5. Here you can post spy pics, discuss about spy pics and new model launches!