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  1. 250_gto you can get them from autopsyche itslf
  2. i would suggest you to go with 6x9's speakers behind the rear seats(in the boot) it will provide a nominal bass with a clarity sound. no extra wiring needed. may an amplifier be needed if your stock ice doesn't give sufficient output!
  3. CarCrazyASTL i need your advice on putting a pair of 6x9's in my swift. i have installed a sony bass tube which you have suggested with an apline 4 channel amplifier. actually I'm having a sony mono channel amplifier XS-SW1 (rated power 140w at 4ohms,max power of 350w at 4ohms) so in order to utilize it ,i thought for 6x9's for clear sound. is this a good option? if it is then please suggest me a pair of 6x9's. i have gone through JBL, and PIONEER but I'm a bit confused that this amplifier will work or not. this amplifier was not able to pick the load of my bass tube(SONY XS-GTX121LT , rated input 300w)so i installed an alpine amplifier . i'm a bit afraid that if i bought the speakers and the amplifier doesn't work properly. please suggest me a good pair of 6x9's speakers whose power ratting matches my amplifier! thank you in advance Regards Abhinav
  4. Yes you can go with 6x9's you can check JBL,PIONEER or SONY if you really need bass in your car then i would suggest to go for a bass tube. bass tube will give you phenomenal output. if you will go for 6x9's then also you need an amplifier to power them, so i will suggest you to go with a bass tube with a four channel amplifier . both the option will cost you the same! but bass tube is the better option! Regards
  5. thnx for your reply! please tell me one thing, can i install sony XS-GTX121LC(subwoffer) and XM-GTX60212(amp) 2/1 channel this will work good or not? and will this set-up will work fine ? i mean this amp will give sufficient power to the sub at high volumes? i came to know that some of the sony amps get heat up and stop working....! regards Abhinav Pandey
  6. I bought a new swift zdi on march 15,2013. i'm satisfied with the sound quality which is offered by my company fitted stereo,But it lacks Bass , i wanted to put up a 12' inch subwoofer with an amp for deep an rich bass, i usually listen rock songs sometimes classic oldies. My budget is around 10-11k for both, (subwoofer and amplifier) Please suggest for which model/company i would go for! regards. Abhinav