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  1. sudeepd , Your car has too many problems (just like my 3 month old sports cycle). So I insist u get in touch with helpline bcz after the warranty expires, though the problems stop you will have to bear all the expenses unless u are lucky to have your insurers reimburse the costs
  2. I feel a Dual-din size Sony or Kenwood system would give an uncluttered look to the I10's dash/fascia rather than a single din-sized one. DPX-MP2090U from Kenwood is one decent example of a dual din system with USB interface + AAC/WMA/MP3/CD compatibility. I think it costs about Rs 12000. You can get decent Soy Xplod Front speakers & rear speakersfor about Rs 3000 and Rs 2500 respectively + tweeters for Rs1250.
  3. Thanks for the advice sudeepd, I must not have been so hasty in posting that piece advice.
  4. I feel u must go in for a second hand Logan but not the one U were offered as 27000 km+ is too much and car may have been abused. Pay about 5 to 5.75 lakhs for a 2 year old one with power windows, Stereo, AC, Power Stering etc.
  5. You can go in for branded fabric ones within Rs 5000 or grey market / chinese brand 'leather'[not real] for Rs 7500 approx.
  6. Hey! The Sumo in all 4 iterations- Victa ,Spacio, SA and Grande are not far behind.