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  1. oh i forget add the amp for the front stage add another 7k to this, please don't say this that you can't increase ur budget 14k this is pretty normal i know people who started a budget of 30/40k and end up spending 5/6 times more.
  2. he has already bought the hu the budget of 40k exclude the hu see this is the best i can say hu u already have fronts id ctx 12k or so sub id 15k amp kenwood 9104 15k wiring damping 5k this will shoot ur budget by 7k but i can tell you this will rock ur world
  3. there is no need of component at the rear if you want rear speaker then fo for some coax . personally i don't like jbl speaker the are on a brighter side (harsh)adding 2nd sub will not make it very loud. i will say first buy one and after words you think you require more bass then go for the second one.
  4. spl = loudness of the system, how loud it will go say 130 db 140 db
  5. how to edit your post on this forum ? your budget is 40k, i will suggest you the following hu- kenwood 6539 10k fronts - id / rainbow (if budget permits)/gz / illusion10k rear -will not suggest if you n ur bro are the only one driving this car. sub- id ctx / velocity / gz 7k amp blau/ jbl/ kenwood.10k wiring damping- 5k total 42k this is mrp you will get some discount on it say about 5% .
  6. @trojon SQ & SPL are not types of bass they are used to define the system type SQ=sound quality SPL=sound pressure level. @ suraj how much r u ready to spend on your system
  7. ronit

    Swift MOD job

    looks quite weird to me spcielly the front .
  8. why are sealed enclosure are inefficient and that is a myth that ported enclosure will not kick if build and tuned with proper freq.will blow you away.
  9. typo mx for audio and mk for commercial/residential electric fitings
  10. what if you go out on weekends,and i think 95% people don't get there ice insured
  11. @dtandon what about the audio system and other accessories that you have in side your car. central locking system is a must. get it installed from your dealer itself they have nippon security sytem with 3 years warranty and cost around 5k
  12. what all you want to fix,and budget for wiring and D.Blocks
  13. abdul i second 5u3zero on the suggestion only small changes in it. 6.5 inch compo's will easily fit in swift doors without any modifications,you will not require any wiring kits if you don't wish to install a amp in you car,even all this stuff only a wiring harness will required to connect the HU,as for the tweter installation generally it is recomended to keep the tweeks as near as possible to the mid but in that case you will feel that the sound is coming frm some corner of the door to avoid this you can place te tweeks on the a/b pillers. and i don't think that in a install like this you will need any damping bcoz the doors will hardly rattel with this kind of power,but component will anyday sound better if wired with a amplifier,but as 5u3 said first install this and listen to it then decide.
  14. if you are on tight budget i can say don't use any chalu rca buy MK they make some good audio connector's and rca
  15. the right upsige in 15" is 195/60/15 and don't go for vectra buy some good footware like yoko,michelin or bridgestone